Comments for Universal Orlando Officially Announces VelociCoaster Coming 2021


  1. cindy caine

    We here in JW are so confused bc though the land was JP its now evolved to JW even on manager side we call it JW so to see JP is so confusing but cant wait for you all to see it! Though hopfully the 3 cars that came wo restrains will come back w them before opening unlike mummy whom rides w half restrained restraints!

  2. mark

    Opening in Summer 2021 is also a smart move on Universal’s part. By opening next summer, it seems that Universal is allowing time to see if the pandemic can be under more control so that the coaster can open when there are less restrictions and travel bans. …..
    Ah No!!! Its bc they want to open before disney has their 50th!!!! Which is going to leave this in their dust so its very smart but covid has nothing to do w it. Its the reason though even though it was covid us here in hershey still opened our new ride and front we knew no one was going visit next yr probably saving bc of wdw and nowthis!

  3. Paypaybird

    So what is the difference between Hagrids motorbike ride and Disney’s TRON Lightcycle ride which actually predates Hagrid’s? Just wondering since both are opening I FL in 2021

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