Comments for Universal’s Troubles Over Dangerous Water Slides Continues

volcano bay

Credit: CNN


  1. Michael E. Duane Jr.

    You have no idea

  2. Papito

    I want my 15 minutes of reading back. Basically if you’re fat, dont get on waterslides. Nobody wants to see that anyway. Seems like common sense to me.

    1. cindy caine

      no they should be able to make water rides for everyone btw most people whom get hurt are too skinny or kids again not heavy enough… those rafts need to be equaled weighted and theres not enough guests… sorry they can not hire the right team members! Or folks whom will make sure stuff is safe like when there was that wk of electricutions of the lazy river well why are their outlets there? The park is unfinished! Wet n wild should have stayed may of us team members,fought for that we liked it there volcano not so much… but to each his own! But more accidents register sadly at bay more than wet n wild before or any other water park. Though on paper it looks like a great park.

  3. KJ

    I was still a TA when I heard about this waterpark during my training for Universal. I emailed my boss within 5 minutes of reading/watching what was planned for it. And I told him “this waterpark is massive lawsuits waiting to happen. I give them no more than 6 months from opening day for the first one to be filed.

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