Comments for Universal Orlando Hits Capacity As Wait Times Skyrocket This Weekend

universal wait times


  1. Sc

    We arrived at Universal and just the line after getting out of your car was crazy. We left. We had reservations at Epcot and it was wonderful. It opened at 11:00 we were on frozen by 10:50. I wish I could attach a picture at times we had the whole park to ourselves.

    1. Withered Weiner

      Because Disney has become a complete failure. It will be bankrupted very soon.

  2. BM

    One of the only reasons that I feel the lines say that long of wait times is because they are socially distancing people. They also have to take time to sanitize everything. The last time I went, the lines were saying wait times like that but it was not even half of the original wait time. They are at like somewhere around 35% capacity, not even.

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