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  1. Tyler

    Very misleading and irresponsible headline. So I take it you don’t want tourism to pick back up in Orlando and you don’t want people to get their jobs back? Nice.

    1. Josh Bows

      You are aware there is a pandemic that is the 3rd leading cause of death in the u.s., and unlike the other causes we can easily prevent these ones…

      1. Bee

        I have been here for the last two days and I can’t speak for labor day weekend but there has been social distancing on every ride and the minute someone takes a breath without their mask they get reprimanded by staff so stop spreading BS. This park is suffering enough without misleading stories.

      2. Jon

        You are aware that depression symptoms have tripled, preventative screenings have gone down upwards of 88%, that the vast majority of deaths covid are over 80?

        1. J

          Suicides, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse relapses are all up as well. We need to get back to normal as soon as possible. People not able or afraid to receive health care for other conditions, mental health issues and the impacts to people’s ability to make a living will cause far more problems than a virus with a less than 1% mortality rate. I welcome this small step toward moving back toward normalcy.

  2. Univers Al

    No F’ing way.

    I’m out.

    Stick it up your arse Universal.

    1. Christopher Reuter

      Omg..the sky is falling…for a death rate this low….we killed our economy and instilled fear into everyone

      1. jamie

        Might be 500k dead by the end of the yr whom are you kidding… how about you tell you hoax nature to everyone whom lost someone including my best friend parents! Or the 5 yr old up the street whom barely saw life!

      2. Sick of this

        Didn’t you know that killing a bunch of people indirectly is much more humane than killing many less directly?

  3. zach

    This article is misleading. Can you define social distancing?

    1. cindy caine

      look at what disney is doing putting plexiglass blocking and or skipping rows and seats … social distancing what we all should be doing to stay safe …. HELLO!
      Ps. Reasons why many of us are scared to wrk there.

    2. M

      We’ve been to Universal since it reopened several times including a 5 day trip. We have been fine each time. Follow normal hygiene protocols like don’t touch your face, nose, eyes and wash your hands often and frequently. Lots of grubby people with no personal hygiene out there in the world.
      There is so much I would like to say about coronavirus, but will decline to do so. If you are complaining about capacity, then please stay home. What do people expect as humans we are social and like to get out. Universal offers this impromptu pick up and go. If yiu want the feeling of complete isolation from people may I suggest using Disney’s reservation system. (We’ve been here too multiple times). It’s not the same fun feeling like Universal. It’s more like I’m super paranoid opening.

      It all comes down to this, everything is coming with inherent risks when leaving your house. This is one of those things, so no sense to be Karens and Kennys on a forum.

  4. Connie

    Florida will never come out of this money is the only thing these places care about not whether they are contributing to people spreading the virus and people especially being a state that is full of older people get it and die.

    1. Kristi Klepsa

      Does anyone honestly think one row is going to make a difference? Unless you are the front row, you are literally following people and their germs on a track. Depending on the speed of the ride, their exhale gets splattered all over you.

    2. Trustknowone

      Connie we aren’t in anything. I live in area wear nobody wears masks and I think we have had like maybe 15 cases nobody died. Keep believing it the most deadly disease in the world better get ready for this flu season they going to say Covid did and you will fall for it but never catch it.

  5. T

    I will go back when they stop requiring masks.

    1. Trustknowone

      Same here

  6. Angela K Steffer

    We have passes and plan on going. We need to move on and open up. Everyone has a choice to stay home I am glad they are doing this ?

  7. Janie

    thats why most people are staying at wdw bc its safe! All those of you saying universal is right is not a fan of anything but death! This is a blood infection… do you know how that effects the body and why? Do you know how much important stuff in your body is attached to your blood vessels and veins???
    Wear your mask wash your hands stay apart and safe and just listen for crying out loud!!! We will never go back to what dillusional people call normal if this doesnt go away! Its going to take time… this isnt like swine flu or ebola before it bc it only effect so many people this affected the world and then some!!! Please just have common sense aka what you show in your daily life not here on the internet!!!

    1. M

      Blood infection??? It’s aerosolized or airborne. It’s waning. We had people coming to Florida since the parks reopened.

      1. Janie

        Yes its a blood infection thats why heart and lungs are infected my kids friend before he died had kidney failure too! I am in the milatary i know more about this illness then the rest of you bc they just do not want to scare everyone how truly deadly this is bc it can pass through the air and infect you and spread! And then it doesnt go away it stays and scars your lungs.

        1. Trustknowone

          I’m in the military I know more about this then any of you stfu boot, I’m in the military they aren’t telling us anything different then they are telling everyone else. It’s sad your friends child died you had pre condition that either Covid affected or they just wrote that down on the death certificate. So let’s all change our whole life’s for the few that can’t live in the normal world, the world has changed you can now get everything delivered to your car or house sounds like the morbidly obese and the sick, should quarantine themselves.

        2. Trustknowone

          I’m in the military to Boot and well we all know they aren’t telling us anything that they haven’t already said to the public. So us being in the military doesn’t make us experts. Smh. People like you make military members look bad. Your friends son sounds to have a pre condition. It’s sad but they said the extreme obese and the sick or terminally ill will be affected the most. Sounds like to me they can all stay in till they are better, you can now have everything delivered to your door or your house.

  8. Britt

    First of all I’ve saw this a couple times elsewhere and in a comment here that Walt Disney world is safer? I myself felt more safe at universal especially since Disney doesn’t enforce hand sanitizer before and after rides. Personally I think both parks are doing very good for what they can do. I’m of the opinion that going to the same park is a personal choice and if you yourself don’t feel safe don’t go and don’t go cause in trouble on the internet trying to get these Parks shut down especially since there have been no cases linked to the parks. Not to mention the parts got to have money to stay afloat. I think people are too fearful and paranoid over this virus.

    1. cindy caine

      yes but disney sanitzes rides more than we do! If we do at all btw the sanitizer machines at wdw are much better! Besides do you not have a brain that you need to be reminded to sanitize??? Really!?! We do not remind you either wdw has a park wide announcement reminder! Sorry as a universal employee whom loves disney and her job omg i would take disney in a heart beat over us w it all! Btw does disney have covid scares or had to get locked bc of it… NO! We did!

  9. Daniel Lozada

    Enough with this crying about social distancing nonsense if you are that scared stay home

    1. J

      Social distancing is an effective method of preventing spread of contagious diseases. Staying home while others throw caution to the wind doesn’t help because vulnerable people still have to go to get medications, doctor appointments, groceries, and other necessities. It isn’t possible to lock yourself up forever. So when we do go outside, we’d like everyone to be as respectful as possible to the ongoing pandemic.

      1. Trustknowone

        We have know proof if it’s actually doing anything cause I live in area of Florida were we haven’t had social distancing since like the first month, we all go to the beach every day nobody’s wearing masks. Even the dear leader Fauci said there is no proof it’s working especially with everyone staying inside all the time if it’s that bad we all are going to catch it eventually good luck hope you survive.

  10. Sher

    It’s not just staying away from the parks for people who are uncomfortable. The reality is that we are in a pandemic. People who going to parks that are not following precautions are risking perpetuating the virus to the public whether or not you expose someone in a park or out of the park. It’s easier for people to handle the trauma of the pandemic when they mock and pretend that it is overblown. Many people who are oblivious to the reality have not had a personal experience of being ill or losing a close one from the virus. Bottom line, as long as ignorant people continue to disregard the depth of covid-19 , we will never be out of this mess. This is very typical behavior from the “ give it to me now “ attitudes, who have no respect for anyone but themselves.

  11. All rides yes coming

  12. SG

    We are in the high risk group. Go to Disney. We’ve been there. They follow all protocols. Masks, physical barriers, ONE party per ride vehicle or 6ft away, mobile ordering for anything indoors, hand sanitiser everywhere, etc.

  13. EMcG

    Does anyone know if there has been an outbreak of the virus from any of the theme parks, Disney or Universal? I have heard nothing. If there are no outbreaks then they are doing what they are supposed to do to keep you safe. There are stages in reopening and that is what they are doing.
    Everyone said trust the science but in this political environment some people won’t believe it and say the scientist are siding with one political side or the other. You can’t win.
    Can’t keep everything closed forever. If you are afraid to go then wait until you’re not afraid. It’s that simple. You’re not being forced to go.

    1. cindy caine

      Yes my section did we just came home this chaos has caused scares actually hp just was put on warning bc someone is in the hosp…. universal has issues bc we arent holding people at capacity like wdw! Wdw hasnt had any people getting sick…. though i heard we are at least trying along w wdw theres other parks that are doing nothing! And i mean nothing just signs around no employees caring nothing… that can not help at least uni just like wdw is,trying!

      1. Papito

        Troll…..Cindy Caine…..If you really were Cindy Caine you would not be puting your name to it saying that Universal isn’t sanitizing. You say “we” as if you’re still employed. Universal has a department dedicated to catch trolls and trouble makers just like you. Those who badmouth the company are subsequently fired. Your post has been forwarded to them to make their job easier. Thanks for playing, and enjoy the rest of your day on Inside the Magic.

      2. cindy caine

        papito i am a manager i can say what i want and i fire morons like you daily! I am not the only person whose complaining universal didnt do the right thing! Btw this is a disney fansite not universal with NO connections to the parks or anyone repped by them if you can not tell by the same repeative bs… people like you are the reason many leave this site… i actually know people whom could get people like you whom do not like others opinions kicked off this site. So ty but no ty!

  14. Missy

    First, neither of the parks are any fun right now. I promise you, wearing a mask all day in the Florida summer heat, is literal torture. It ruins the experience of either park. Don’t waste your money and time. Secondly, the numbers of deaths from COVID-19 are so skewed, it’s ridiculous. I know of cases of people who failed to show up for their appointment to get tested for the virus, who later received a letter in the mail telling them they tested positive. Not to mention personally knowing of cases where people passed from an auto accident (and another person from a blood clot in the brain), who had COVID listed as the cause of death. There is no question that going into public requires one to take precautions. Wear a mask, social distance when possible, etc.. But, if you believe everything the media is feeding you about this virus, you are extremely misled. Go o the parks after October. As long as masks are mandatory, you are more likely to pass out from heat or shortness of breath or something similar, with the 100 degree heat and 100% humidity with a mask on. And if you are a sadist and must go, then bring several masks with you, you’ll want to change your sweat soaked mask every hour or so.

  15. Papito

    Universal actually has it right. This “pandemic” has a 97% recovery rate. Disney is cowards afraid of their own shadow. Get out there and live your life. If you get it and die, then you are weak, and we dont need you anyway.

    1. Big Bertha

      What the hell is wrong with you. Saying “If you get it and die, then you are weak, we don’t need you anyway.” Like, do you have feelings? That hurts, your just some angry old Tom who wants to see everyone miserable

      1. Papito

        Hey Big Bertha, get it and die. Is that a little clearer for you. Natural selection. Darwin’s law. Deal with it.

  16. Big Bertha

    What the hell is wrong with you. Saying “If you get it and die, then you are weak, we don’t need you anyway.” Like, do you have feelings? That hurts, your just some angry old Tom who wants to see everyone miserable

  17. Brandi N Hakeem

    When I was growing up I didn’t understand death and why it happened, so I asked my dad why do people have to die? My fathers simple response was: Population control Brandi.
    Still being young I didn’t get his response until I was an adult.
    I don’t fear death as it is invetable, but I do not think a cloth mask is saving anyone. It’s a false sense of security. Thanks to social media and the internet as a whole we have created a monster.

  18. Brandi

    When I was growing up I didn’t understand death and why it happened, so I asked my dad why do people have to die? My fathers simple response was: Population control Brandi.
    Still being young I didn’t get his response until I was an adult.
    I don’t fear death as it is invetable, but I do not think a cloth mask is saving anyone. It’s a false sense of security. Thanks to social media and the internet as a whole we have created a monster.

  19. Papito

    If your pants cant hold the smell of a fart in, then do you really think a flimsy facemask is saving you from a super virus? Use your head and think for yourself. The mask only makes everyone “feel” good. If you turn the box over, it says right on it “does not prevent or deter coronavirus”. Nuff said.

  20. prince charming

    I expect these control freaks to try to keep social distancing even after a vaccine is available. It is going to take a court order to eliminate this nonsense.

    1. Rosie

      Hey charming your the devil not a prince… You and the rest of the nonsense on this site (i see you papito) are the people whom should get this and time for folks whom can not live with common sense and kindness to find a new way to return to their home in hell bc honestly what did any of us do to you…. theres a pandemic going on and its one thing to not care but then stay home bc no one needs your stupid outside in the world! That or grow some common sense people are dying there is a pandemic no one knows what the hell is going on and all you do is laugh or your croonies laugh like its not happening…. well it is! And its not going anywhere bc guess what we all wish it would but its not so deal w it live your life but stop telling me and everyone else how too!! I want to remain safe like most of the world sorry you do not!

  21. Jamie

    to all of you whom constantly say this virus is a lie! Tell that to someone living w it right now whose scared! Tell that to someone whose family member is gone and dead! Tell that to someone whom had it but now has to last w scared lungs and all the repercussions from this virus! Please have a heart stop being selfish and understand your not the only individual a life that matters on this planet!

    1. Big Momma Harley

      Just curious, do you copy and paste this comment on every article. Again, like I replied to the exact same message on a different thread, nobody in this thread said the virus is a lie. So what point are you trying to make?

  22. Sue

    These companies could care less about infecting guests. It’s all about their profit. You’d have to be nuts to go to any amusement parks now. Nuts…

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