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  1. Michelle Anderson

    Netflix has parental controls and a lock if you don’t watch your child to watch Cuties. Does Disney+ have parental controls with a lock? They don’t. They need to get one. I wouldn’t want my child watching this show.

    1. Matt

      OMG thats hilarious, comparing Owl House to Cuties… Back when I was a kid, when there was just TV, and no parental locks, my parents just talked to me about what I was watching on TV.

      I like that none of the Marvel movies or Star Wars movies or 10 Things I Hate About You caused any concern for you thus far…

      1. Michelle Anderson

        I’ve thought for awhile that Disney+ needed a child lock. I also talked to my son about what he should watch when he was young. He’s an adult now, and I’m proud of him. Like a lot of kids he didn’t always do what he was told when he was young.

    2. Michelle Anderson

      Want your child to watch not “watch your child to watch.” Oops.

    3. Kevin, but not the bad kind.

      Huh, the wildest thing on the show is that it features wizards and witches, and a dance between two girls. But you are cool with all of the other content on Disney + as it is, non-censored or parental controlled…

      So just be a straight alien, wizard, witch, superhero, or teen romance, and you are good to go? LOL.

      1. lydia

        Not to mention hamilton and all its cursing! But owl house a shameless cartoon sure lets go nuts on it! Didnt anyone ever learn the meaning of entertainment vs reality!!!! Gheez!!! Btw writer is christian and theres value in the show while theres alot of other junk out there i am sure your kid is free to go watch! Do they beat friends up on fortnite etc too… go tell it somewhere else!

        1. Ra

          The show is perfectly fine for children to watch as it’s made FOR CHILDREN. And to mention that you’re trying to give it a bad name just because you’re homophobic is disgusting.

    4. leo

      Disney+ has a kid account where it doesn’t have anything
      pg 13 or r rated but the owl house is a children’s show so I don’t think you need to worry about it. The Owl House is definitely all right for kids maybe not like a two year-old as they fight monster and such but besides that I don’t know why you would have a problem with the show.

    5. Zolde samundstt

      Why wouldn’t you want your child to watch the owl house though? It’s a great show, there’s nothing wrong with it either. I’m only hoping it’s not because both the main characters are lgbt

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