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  1. EricJ

    Uh, has anyone noticed nobody’s buying anything ELSE on “in-home premiere”?
    Okay, fangirls bought Mulan (while all the other D+ subscribers knew we’d get it for free in a couple months), and everyone rushed to buy Trolls: World Tour back when the Lockdown was still neato and we were all building pillow-forts in our living rooms.

    And now everyone buys the family films like “Scooby” because those are the only ones that look like “real” movies, and the delayed theatrical releases like Bill & Ted that actually are.
    Anyone buy “Bloodshot”? “Wendy”? The “Valley Girl” remake? “You Should Have Left”?

    1. Bod Shark

      It’s called Scoob! you moron…and who TF would waste money on Bill & Teds LOL. I watched that for free and i’m pissed, WORST movie to date!!…And I won’t waste my time with Mulan either. But i’m all for letting theatres go, nothing but high school girls talking about prom and ruining the movie, or some idiot kicking your seat. Movie theatres are garbage and i’ll be super happy to get rid of them. Overpriced food/candy to go along with that and it’s money just thrown down the garbage.

  2. Thomas

    I don’t know anyone who has paid for the Premier Access, and while Box Office may be lacking in the USA at the moment, taking Worldwide receipts into account and it’s not doing too badly in a world where people are showing caution. I still think that Disney should be doing duel releases, releasing to the cinemas and on Disney+ for a true picture of what’s going on. In the UK it would cost me £20 to see Mulan, and then for free a couple months later, but had it been released to Cinemas in the UK it would only cost £5 per person (we sneak our own snacks in). My brother watched Mulan on bootleg and for someone who was really looking forward to it said that it wasn’t great, and lacks not being in a cinema environment. Going to a cinema is fun, it lets you immerse yourself in the movie and not constantly check you phone or how much is left in the running time. And of course streaming Mulan could earn more than Tenet at £20/$30 to see it once compared to the cheaper ticket price to see Tenet. This article doesn’t actually declare the amount Disney have taken in from the ‘Premier Access’, and the fact they are only doing estimated projections rather than confirming how much is being paid on it shows the truth is people aren’t going for it.

  3. SG

    Still not paying $30 for a movie along with with the subscription to Disney +. Even when thenpricenis dropped, I’m not watching another Chinese induced political scandal not to mention the absence of original music and MuShu.

  4. James Krisvoy

    The Only way I will see it is in its 3D version. I do not support the lead actress’ radical right wing politics & Disney should have fone their homework per the very bad element ..in Cina..involved in the production. And as Fisney+ does not support 3D streaming..that probably seals my decision.
    P e r I o d !

  5. Matthew Brewster

    The movie industry can relax, for the COVID pandemic won’t last much beyond this winter, when the world will find itself knee-deep in vaccines! Then, once the public is freed from isolating at home, theatrical exhibition will return to normal.

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