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  1. Darth Notices

    Racism eventually makes everything break down.

    1. Darla

      Oh please! If you feel this way about a cute rude with zero racist overtones then you should never visit Disney there parks ever again because Disney himself was racist! You people will find any reason ANY to claim racism! Even on an innocent ride that dangerous cute music and was beautiful to look at and now people like you have made sure to destroy this beautiful ride for no good reason! Gee, what will offend you next? Perhaps something on the haunted mansion ride? Maybe the bride because she looks white or perhaps the ghosts? Or Maybe it will be the little mermaid ride because Ursula is big and mean while the little mermaid is pretty, petite and a nice person so let’s pic that about or how about carsland isn’t black enough for you? See how utterly ridiculous you sound? 🙄

      1. Darth Notices

        Wait, what you meaning “you people”?

      2. TacoCat

        Darla, thank you. Many of us feel the same way. Thank you for speaking up for us.

        1. Darth Notices

          Whoa, whoa, whoa… there seems to be a real big misunderstanding going on here.

          I am in complete agreement with adding MORE suicide jokes to the Haunted Mansion.

        2. I hate liberals

          Ur the meaning of liberals darth shut up. If u don’t like it don’t ride it. You are the racist by saying everything is racist. How is it that you go around and pick out only certain things at a racist. I would love to see any of these people you particularly go to foreign countries and then come back to America and try and tell us that we’re racist welcome to the world and welcome to existence. Maybe you should study history study what rome did China,Mongolians, vikings, irish, or Africans they’re the ones that sold people their own people. For you to come after someone with such a brilliant mind and beautiful art because you feel offended well I’m offended by you being offended. Move on because where does it end.

          1. Darth Notices

            There are times I really miss Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

            But gosh, I sure do love the Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.

      3. Joe

        Darla, thanks for being a voice of reason in a time with so very little. Splash Mountain deserves to stay. It is a cute and beloved little ride. If you really look hard for racism, you will find it, so maybe stop looking and be happy people.

      4. Sue

        Darla you are so right. I get sick of all this stuff bc it might offend someone it’s way out of hand people need to get over it already

        1. Shimmera

          Darth Notices: that was such a witty reply. Thank you for reminding the world that some people love “Disney” as more than just a person but as an ideal that can grow and improve with time. I love Disney parks and can’t wait to enjoy them more once this particular ride has been improved by focusing on a more uplifting storyline that we can all feel good about together.

  2. Jay

    You are right Darla


    Darla, I agree. Breath of fresh air.

    1. George

      You are so right. Corporations are just so worry of imagine when none of this at all is racist

      1. Ron

        Darla you are so right what is next because it’s always be something

  4. Ron

    Darla you are so right what is next because it’s always be something

  5. Ron

    Darla you are so right what is next because it’s always going be something

  6. Never give up to save splash mountain!

  7. Carrie

    It’s ignorant people like you that are ruining cute rides for future generations there’s nothing racist about the ride Grow up already I guess I should say I’m offended by the princess and the frog because she’s black That’s going to be a racist ride

  8. John Pryor

    Always thought Splash Mountain had the most joyous animatronics in the park. Somehow a voodoo priest and snakes in a swamp just doesn’t give me the same warm fuzzies.

  9. Frank

    When they remake the ride, they have to make it the same fun factor, positive reviews as Splash Mountain if not better, because 1. The ride itself is a classic like Peter Pan and I do believe in the saying if it aint broke, dont fix it, 2. They apparently aren’t gonna make it based off the Original movie (princess and the frog) its gonna be a completely new story and they won’t be frogs, and 3. How is the theme gonna match magic kingdoms part of the land with all the western parts? They have to “wow” us with this ride because if not, its gonna be a disappointment in their part. Splash Mountain as a ride and the characters alone are not racist they’re based on African Folklore. Lets see what they cook up.

  10. Love disney

    I’m so excited for the retheme it’s going to do just as well as the movie oh wait wasn’t that one of Disney’s worst ever animated films. Why was that. But yeah I thought they paid people to go out and search and do research on what voice actors they should use and spent an absolute fortune far more research than any other films for voice actors and it still just was an absolute disaster garbage movie Saw a couple times It was bad. I’m very sad about the retheme but I think Disney will find out once they receive it and it’s a disaster they’re end up bulldozing I feel. That is if Disney makes it in the next 20 years I don’t know if anyone’s looked at their stock or how they’re proceeding as a conglomerate they’re not doing very well at all Disney plus is a failure yeah it’s good right now they’re not and shows or anything that catches adults It is deaf kids related which it is but it’s not adding enough fuel and the parks are dying at a horrible rate prices have not dropped hotels are closed Rides are closed like crazy hours or less they’re just asking for their own death which they do deserve they’ve built this and catered to the type of liberals and people that are just claiming they’re offended by everything so to eat your own but Disney will be the one to suffer and their stock will.

  11. Sarah

    Amazing how this particular ride keeps ‘malfunctioning’. I call sabotage. Gee, wonder who might be behind that, hmmm. Such a joyous, wonderful attraction that is obviously being tampered with. Pity. So over these things in sheep’s clothing!

  12. Sarah S.

    This ride is obviously being tampered with. Such a pity. So sick of these reverse bigots in sheep’s clothing targeting this ride because their mommy’s didn’t give them enough attention as a child. Such a joyous attraction, too. No way for this many malfunctions without someone or perhaps
    an organization causing it. Hopefully the culprits are found and prosecuted. So sick of this crap. Doesn’t the world have enough problems with everything going on, than for morons to try to make the world a bit more ugly? Shame on you!

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