Comments for Rumor: Shia LaBeouf Wants in on ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Shia LaBeouf

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Stephanus Surjaputra

    I don’t think he will unless Lucasfilm had a change of heart and let him back. He did bad mouth the film after it got released and it seemed like they didn’t want him back. We’ll see.

    1. Yes please, please bring Shia back. He was great. I love him. He brought a breath of fresh air to this movie. He is perfect as Indys son. Please let him be in movie.

  2. Jchizzle

    I thought he did fine. I like Shia. Would be glad to watch him in Indy 5.


    I totally agree that Shia LaBeouf returns in Indiana Jones 5 to replay Henry Jones III Mutt Williams.


    I want so much that Shia LaBeouf returns in Indiana Jones 5 to replay Henry Jones III Mutt Williams.

  5. brian

    He shouldve been shipped off in the alien craft from the last disaster of a movie…
    Bring back Karen Allen again and Sallah…

  6. johnny78

    God I hope not..

  7. Jack

    I think Spielberg is the only reason he was in Crystal Skull, and since Spielberg isn’t running things he probably doesn’t have a shot. He was miscast on the role if you ask me, as Jones/Ford’s son would probably be way more rugged. Ford was so successful in the role of Indiana because of how drastic the character’s two personas are and how different they look from one another, Professor Indy and the unshaven Indy in the field.

    1. Jack

      What I was getting at is that Leboeuf doesn’t have that gruff rugged look to him or that whole Clark Kent/Superman kind of duality that Ford has.

  8. Stefani Christenot

    Yes I want him back in the film series because he is a well rounded character and because he is also funny. I personally like Shia.

  9. Maddux

    I think Shia labeouf should return in the fifth movie and in addition Karen Allen should return to because the fourth movie tkotcs took place in the 1950s and the fifth movie will take in the 1960s so the fifth movie will succeed the fourth movie and Marion and mutt should be in the fifth movie P.S. my mother says the crew should take it easy on Ford since he’s going to be 79 yrs old when the production starts P.P.S. If Karen Allen is going to be in the fifth movie than the crew should take it easy on her to

  10. Maddux

    Shia and Karen should return in the 5th movie so that the story will continue.

  11. PSims

    Absolutely! He done a incredible job in the last one. I think it would be a huge mistake for them not to being him back.

  12. Ron

    Yes, I think he did a great job, and would like to see the fedora passed to him

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