Comments for Rise of the Resistance and WDW App Issues Lead to Massive Line

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  1. lydia

    maybe this is why virtual queue needs to be dropped… bring it back or do fp later when ride isnt 100% new and needs time to break in so to speak i know its not a new pair of shoes but everything needs time to figure itself into a flow and before covid it still didnt have it as good as falcon… but it will i dont think having a normal flow of guests helps it. I doubt you want more po guestd but i think theres more still pissed they still can not get on it then it stills has frequent 101 but i have a chance to wait and go instead of i didnt get on virtual queue line sucks for me!

  2. alvin

    ROR is a epic fail…shut it down until you get it right!

  3. Briana Fulton

    I was in the park that day and was able to get Boarding Group 1 and ride at 11:15. I never saw this line but I was also not at guest services. I see the ride hasn’t been running for the past two days.

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