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Redmayne defends jk rowling

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  1. Michelle Anderson

    To be free to think and say what you want is a gift many are taking for granted now. I really enjoyed Patrick McGoohan in The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. He wrote and starred in a TV show called The Prisoner. An agent was trapped in a village where they worked very hard to strip away his individuality. He fought tooth and nail and got away, but the end has a warning that we have to constantly keep fighting to be free to be an individual. He was right on the money with technology being our undoing (another theme). Social media and cancel culture are helping to destroy individualism.

    1. Matt

      Why do you feel the need to vocalize negativity? Anyone can believe anything they want, but if you want to shout from the mountain tops that you think certain groups of people you don’t deem as equal as you think you are, then why put that energy out in the universe???

      And hellooooooo you can say whatever the heck you want, still… but not everyone is going to agree with you, so if you make your horrible thoughts public, you open the floodgates for people who dont agree with you to write you back… So stop acting like a victim, Michelle.

      1. Michelle Anderson

        The point is that JK Rowling and many others are being told to stop expressing their opinion. I’ve been told in the comments on this website to shut up and go away. I’ve never done that to anyone else. Yes, that DOES make others and me victims of people trying to suppress our opinions and individuality.

  2. Paul

    JK Rowling is free to have and express any opinions she has. But similarly, so is everyone else, including calling her on what appears to be a strong bias.

    Some of the comments towards Rowling have been truly brutal, and I can understand why Redmayne said what he did. However, the LGBTQ+ communities take abuse and violence that completely dwarfs anything said to Rowling. That does NOT justify cruelty to Rowling. Calling her out strongly and vocally on her bias is fair game, absolutely, and should be done, as many of the comments on her writings have done. But when did we all get to be so mean? Why do we accept bloodsport via social media towards anyone?

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