Comments for Royal Update: What We Know About ‘The Princess Diaries 3’

princess diaries


  1. Christa

    If they are going to film it, they better get on it. I love Julie Andrews. She is an excellent, commanding actress and brings class to everything she does. She’s not getting any younger though and there will be a time when she will have to quit acting due to health issues or her eventual death. Princess Diaries III without Queen Clarisse is not something I want to see!

    1. Mary

      True… Disney should have done #3 years ago… We need a great down to earth movie…

  2. SG

    Yes! I LOVE TPD and so happy to hear the actors want to do the 3rd and totally understand it has to be the perfect script. I loved Gary Marshall films, so sorry we can’t keep them forever.

  3. Linda Ruffini

    Would absolutely love a Princess Diaries 3 movie and/or series.

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