Comments for Disney Files New Permits for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom Entrance

Credit: Disney


  1. davis

    nothing but basic behind the scenes park checks and everyday stuff as far as security knows but if anything more comes out of it will let ya know! W love from natazu!

  2. Michelle Strother

    I don’t understand why they don’t finish the projects that they started at least 3 years ago . They already have their primary Construction Company suing them. Attractions are breaking down, then closed until further notice. I knew something was wrong when I saw the gondolas. It turned out I was right, a few months later we had Coronavirus. I don’t know what they’re doing but, they are definitely on a timetable.

  3. Wil


  4. prince charming

    Disney claims that they are losing billions of $ yet they have money to retheme Splash Mountain, retheme all the rooms at polynesian resort, and create a new fireworks show for magic kingdom.

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