Comments for Disney Files Construction Permit For “it’s a small world”

its a small world


  1. jasonbres

    The way it’s worded sounds like they are just doing some work on the “Goodbye Room”.

    1. EricJ

      Given the rise of projections elsewhere around the park, sounds like we’re might get a little more colorful exit than just “So What De Crap”.

  2. davis

    i would like to see wdw get dl treatment and have appro character dolls in the sections.

  3. Lisa griffith

    Small world goofing open nov13

  4. David A

    Who cares. The day that Disney announced they were retheming Splash Mountain to a not that popular Princess and the Frog ride ( check the box office figures ) was the day that they lost thousands of previously loyal Disney fans including me, my family and friends

    1. rosie

      Your in. Minority i hate to tell ya bc i havent seen splash w a line on it in yrs bc of the fact its racist! If walt was alive he would have changed it yrs ago. And most loyal fans stick around take it from someone whose long live horizons! Theres half a million of us and we still stuck w disney bc true fans stick w disney! Go enjoy another park disney obviously isnt missing you! Your probably also 12 and a kid not an adult bc only children make statements like yours!

  5. Georgia R.

    I lost a lot of faith in Disney when they rethemed Splashed Mountain to something to do with Princess and the Frog. However, now that they are updating a tried and true keeper of Disney, it’s a small world, I am happy to say that Disney is starting to realize that new is not always better but renewing the tried and true for us die hard Disney aficionados makes our Mickey hearts and hands truly thankful!!!

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