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  1. Michelle Rene Cullins

    Our family loves the people movers! It’s a must do attraction when we go to Disney World. It is so sad when we are in tommorow land in DIsneyland and we see the abandoned track. Thanks for telling us about change.org. Our family will definately be apart of trying to bring the best “downtime” attraction back! Thanks, inside the magic!

    1. James Bonkowski

      For A ride like this To Come Back it would fallow today’s safety standards

      1. Alex

        Sadly, that’s a big possibility! Hopefully, Disney can find a safe way to bring back the PeopleMover!

    2. Alex

      You’re so welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read the article! We too hope for the rebirth of the PeopleMover at Disneyland! Hopefully, with the new Tomorrowland overhaul, we can see some new life brought to those old tracks 🙂

  2. ScottASpurgeon

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  3. Cj

    Replacing the Peoplemover with the Rocketrods was an epic fail, as well as a costly mistake, by the Eisner regime (and Disneyland has suffered for it!)

    Yes, it will cost more to fix and bring back than it did to replace with a failing Ride, but after Team Disney Burbank purchased 20th Century Fox? I don’t want to ever hear the excuse “they can’t afford to do this” (like hell they can and should!)

    Putting the Peoplemover back in Tomorrowland at Disneyland would be the perfect way for Bob Iger to do one final thing right before he officially retires! I’m sure a vacant Star Wars Land is the last thing he wants to be remembered by!

    1. Steve B

      I think the Rocketrods could be brought back and to transport guest to Starwars land.

      1. Alex

        That would be super fun!

    2. Alex

      They can afford it, but do they want to spend their money on it? I sure hope they have a change of heart and focus on bringing some of that good ‘ol magic back to Disneyland.

  4. Cal

    I remember reading an article a few years ago that had a brief interview with Tony Baxter concerning the People Mover. He said something to the effect of it not being feasible to bring it back as it would cost a pretty penny, but also OSHA safety regulations would require them to install emergency escape staircases throughout the track which would have been an issue with space and crowds in Tomorrowland. With that said…
    I would LOVE it if Disney found a way to bring back Peoplemover! I was very small when it was still open at Disneyland so I hardly remember it but I have been on the version in Disney World and it is the absolute best! Just leaving the track there vacant as it is is really sad to see because you see it there hoping for Disney to one day bring back an old classic that almost everybody would love to see make a comeback!

    1. Alex

      Yep, those new OSHA laws have put a damper on the possibility of bringing back the PeopleMover, but Disney is so darn smart and innovative that I’m sure they can find an economically stable and safe way to have the PM back at Disneyland!

  5. Please bring PeopleMover back to Disneyland this instant!

    1. Alex

      I totally agree! We need those PeopleMover’s back at Walt’s Magic Kingdom

  6. Robert Hagmaier

    I have been going to Disneyland for decades. They got rid of the People Mover because it ran almost empty for like the last 20 years it was there. The Rocket Rods were boring and caused structural weakness in the elevated tracks. Move on, it just wasn’t that good and was extremely dated.

    1. Joshua

      Amen. I get the nostalgia, but seriously it was a VERY BORING ride.

  7. Hen

    What else is new, there’s a different petition everyday, this is getting old and dumb.

  8. Mikey

    It is very surprising that Fan and Fen do not know the history here – people *died* on the Peoplemover – which is the real reason it was closed.

    Look it up – this started just a month after the ride first opened in 1967, and several happened in the early 90’s which do not seem to be recorded in official histories.

    So no, it should *not* be brought back, even if the safety problems were “fixed”. That would be very insensitive to the families of those who died.

    1. Anthony

      Number one – the ride closed because they wanted Rocket Rods instead. Number 2 – there ARE only 2 deaths. One … a 16 year old the summer the ride opened (1967). And the other an 18 year old during a Grad Night in 1980. Both, misbehaving… climbing out, even when the spiel clearly said, “remain seated.”

  9. Having grown up in garden grove (born in 1962) disneyland was an unbelievable ,magical,&mythical experience everytime that our family would go .from experiencing pirates of the Caribbean (& the pirates store right when you exited & purchased your articulated pirate models ) to the haunted mansion finally opening after years of seeing walls around it disneyland has always been a mix of old & new of tradition vs innovation i would think that now it is baby boomers romantic notion of days gone by. Vs. Gen x & millennials. & there perception of the park with star wars land (!) Etc i would think that the people mover would be relegated to dinosaur status at this point. Either make it. Disneynostalgialand and bring back everything from the past that probably today wouldnt work (outdated tech , boring. Etc.) Or stop romanticaly dreaming of days gone by and let todays generation have (hopefully ) there chance to have and make there traditions and there nostalgia (i mean come on we have taken everything else from them ) i say let them have there’s and on that note i vote a resounding NO on the people mover. Petition (there’s a reason why its not there anymore)

  10. MIKE


  11. pablo

    Yes, please, bring it back!

  12. David Fabiano

    I was around at the beginning for the people mover. It was a sight seeing tour. You don’t have to have a rocket sled. As many had said, it was a way to relax and see behind the scenes of other rides. There is a reason people want it back, yes it is nostalgia, but parents and grandparents could tell their kids about the beginnings of Disneyland. I would like to see it brought back.

  13. Charley

    This is an awful idea. It’s called “Tomorrowland”, not “Stuck in 1960s Land.” I agree Tomorrowland needs an overhaul, but Disney should be looking to the future, not the distant past. As a millennial, I have no nostalgia for this attraction.

  14. Mike Dasher

    As much as I want the Peoplemover to make a long awaited return to Disneyland, it’s just not possible. Thanks to Rocket Rods, the old Peoplemover tracks are completely destroyed because the RR vehicles were far too heavy for the tracks to sustain and because they were never modified for banked turns, the vehicles would have to slow to a crawl and speed up again which wore down their tires at an exponential rate. The tracks would have to be completely torn down especially the ones still standing in Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and Space Mountain. It would cost at least $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 to rebuild it all.

    1. Anthony

      That is assuming the same old Tomorrowland of the last 53 years is used. These discussions always leave out one important element- the rest of the land has been a topic for renovation for more than 20 years. A new Peoplemover could be incorporated into the cost of a newly refurbished land that entails a new look, and new attractions.

  15. Anthony

    As all of Tomorrowland has been rumoured for a full overhaul for quite a longtime now, my vote is for a Peoplemover 2.0 to be part of the impending renovation to the whole land. Rebuilding the track per all the California building codes, with a fresh new train design to go with a fresh new land. The rumoured Tron ride, with a loop flying across the entrance to the land is a compromise. As the Peoplemover was for all ages. Tron will only be for the “not so faint at heart” Six Flags demographic. Is that to suggest the “future” is for young people only? Is that the message Disney wants to suggest to the those when they first step into Tomorrowland? Dear imagineering…. dear Mr. Bob Iger …. Are you that flat out against a mild journey throughout a revitalised Tomorrowland that can accept ALL age groups, as the original Peoplemover brilliantly did?

  16. Alex Celifie

    I wish the people mover bring back :{ I don’t like to see the track sit there for thirty years or so. and the tree branch its over grown and more. please return the people mover

  17. Dave

    I remember the PeopleMover very well, and we used to ride it from the ’60s until it closed. I never found it boring.

    At Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional Airport in 1975, we rode on a PM-like train from one terminal to another. I don’t remember what kind of propulsion system it used.

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