Comments for Will Oscars Diversity Rules Hurt Disney’s Chances?

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  1. McG

    So now you can no longer use the best qualified people for roles in movies or for your production crew. You have to fill a quota. That makes sense. Isn’t that discrimination?

    1. TacoCat


      1. More ‘pandering’ and division!!!

  2. J.

    Kind of silly. If you require that someone be a certain thing to get a job (or be eligible to win an award in this case), it is just as bad as not letting someone have a job because they are a certain thing. The best candidate should get the job (or award), period.

    1. TacoCat

      It is called Affirmative Action. Which, I thought we were trying to move on from. You know, quotas. However, it seems you don’t have to be good at your job, just the right color.

  3. prince charming

    I would want to be known as the best actor not the best black actor available.

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