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  1. Markb

    Do you know that Disney can’t put Marvel attractions in Florida due to their agreements with Universal?

    1. cindy caine

      not all marvel characters are in that contract! Thats why they can have guardians! Strange capt marvel and panther are not in that contract! And on this end aka universal… we heard uppers discussing reimagine the hulk etc. So by that it seems they are not resigning that! Beyond that they do not owe marvel disney its still up to disney and i say go for it!!!

  2. Davis

    i been saying this for yrs the train could bring you to wakanda instead of planet watch which just sits there anyways! I even mentioned it to rhode when i saw him and he said bringing 2 properties adult related to dak might be too much… but now i bet they are rethinking this! As i saw uppers going into meetings just this am i escorted a few and the uncover binder they were carrying had one word on it POWER! take that w what you will!

  3. Rich

    There will never be a Wakanda in Florida when Disney bought Marvel that was part of the stipulation. Disney had to agree to never build any Marvel attractions in Florida due to due to Marvel Super Hero Island at universal studios. That’s why DW still has Tower of Terror and DCA has now Gardians of the Galaxy. And why DCA is getting Avengers Campus and DW is not getting anything Marvel. And for Disneyland to put a Wakanda would be tough since they are land locked but an attraction could be squeezed I’m somewhere.

    1. Cindy caine


      1. Eddie Miller

        Again you seem to not understand that Universal’s contract is for only four of the Marvel Families.
        Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers.
        Black Panther is in the Avengers Family.

        Cosmic Marvel Characters like the Guardians, Howard the Duck, and Dr. Strange are not included.

  4. Davis

    Y’all should get some black people on your staff so you don’t post incredibly tone deaf stuff like this.

  5. Jam

    Black Panther and Avatar are practically the same movie, Pandora does the same job. Will everyone stop hopping on the train when an actor dies or does something great. The amount of things people are wanting in Disney parks are ridiculous. If they want to put it in them go ahead, it would be neat, but stop acting like that company has the money to do something everytime someone calls for it. If you want it, fund it yourself. Jeez

    1. Mom

      Thank you ????

  6. Cadey

    Putting a Black society in a park called Animal Kingdom is a bad idea.

  7. LL

    I agree with most points of the article with exception to using the Dino area. This area is more suitable for building a Zootopia land as a draw to young children. As Cadey points out, placing Wakanda anywhere within AK will draw criticism, although the I think it’s an attractive idea to transition from an older African setting into the advanced civilization of Wakanda. And AK certainly has the space available to make it enjoyable. Another option is the current Figment area at EPCOT. It’s an area of the park that’s mostly ignored by visitors and it’s close to the Land and the future water gardens themed to Maona. Wakanda might be a good fit there. Available lots in World Showcase are not large enough to build a city, but the Figment area is.

    1. Lydia

      Yes lets replace figment thats like replacing sse! EPCOT is for learning adding guardians is bad enough on the convincing scale! Dak makes sense its not jumping a band wagon its a spot w sense! As theres already an african area w a useless walk about and train to nowhere planet watch! Figment also does not have enough room and if you were a true EPCOT/DISNEY fan you wouldnt open up that can of worms! Figment needs to come back NOT be removed!

  8. Sierra

    As a cast member PLEASE don’t suggest taking away backstage areas that are used. Like the area between festival of the Lion King and Pandora Cantina. So much is backstage right there including a gate to the park where a lot of deliveries are made. The field behind Maharaja jungle trek is a feasible place, but not for Wakanda. Wakanda would be out of place in almost every part of Animal kingdom. Dinoland will have an overhaul, but I honestly don’t think it will be Wakanda.

  9. Kevin

    Since Wakanda is hidden from the rest of the world it’s ideal home would be in the World Showcase in Epcot. Have the entrance be the Oasis, which is African themed, and do some Disney magic to have us pass thru an invisible wall into Wakanda. The character of the black panther is present at Universal which is why he can’t be used but Wakanda is not so it can be used.

    1. lydia

      there is no space there thats where fireworks gets pulled and stored if you didnt realize thats where the globe came from! Also theres just greenery and gondolas behind there now! Please stop putting non edu stuff in epcot!!!

  10. EricJ

    Okay, so could we have some sort of CUTOFF DATE for the Headline Fan-Canonization ideas for recent dead celebrities?
    Usually, it’s just one week to get them all out of our system and move on to the next one; that’s a nice round figure, can we go with that?

    (And as for the future shelf-life of non-Avengers solo-MCU movie attractions, the Ant-Man “Pym’s Test Kitchen” restaurant at DCA already feels dated, and it hasn’t even -opened- yet.)

  11. SG

    I LOVE this idea! What an excellent way to bring more color to Disney. We need more black princes and princesses. The story line gives so much room for the imagination. And Animal Kingdom could use some competition with Pandora. Do it Disney!

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