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The Muppets

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    So, the Liberty Square history show did THAT WELL, did it?

    (IMO, the Muppets didn’t die with Jim Henson, or when Frank Oz left…They died with Show headwriter Jerry Juhl, who at least got to write the old-school “Muppet Christmas Carol” and “Treasure Island” before the end.
    He understood the characters, the smarmy new pop-culture hipster writers don’t.)

  2. David G

    Id be open to more Muppets at the parks. I think they were at their best with classic Muppets and even Treasure Island. But I liked Segal’s take on them in 2011 and Muppets Now does a good job taking them into the 2020s but still keeping the classic charm. The Muppet have always had their finger on the pulse of pop culture. And I think giving them slight update is a good way to open them to new audiences.

  3. that is cool, thank you I like that

  4. Thomas Halfpenny

    I thought the plan was always to do the Toy Story/Pixar expansion, the Star Wars expansion and then extend the Muppet area of Hollywood Studios?

  5. aaron

    LOVE the Muppetvision 3-d reference “a salute to all cookouts but mostly barbecue” (It’s a paraphrase of sam’s first line from the MAIN show of that attraction for those of you who do not know.) even if that joke IS corny.

  6. Alice

    I genuinely agree, I got upset and stressed when there was no muppet merchandise. Said Jim Hensen would be crawling in his grave. Disgusting how the muppets are treated. Legendary show and films, better then the hyped shows Disney follow.

    1. EricJ

      Steve “Rizzo” Whitmire (one of the last performers who could still do Kermit properly) was fired from the company when he started becoming a little too Mark-Hamill vocal about fans’ complaints with the ugly ABC series.
      The current performers weren’t exactly happy with the condescending “70’s relic” tone of the ’11 Disney movie, either.

      1. David Gilmore

        I totally agree with the complaints about the ABC series they had. I love the bits Jack White was in, but beyond “Sunshine of My Life” from Third Man I was out. I think the best way to handle The Muppets is finding a balance between nods to their legacy but still updating them to the present. By no means do I think Disney can take the Muppets to an MCU level but with the MCU they were able to strike that balance of old and new quite well. Sure, credit goes to Kevin Feige but that’s because he understands what Marvel was and what it should become. Disney just needs to find someone who can give the same treatment to The Muppets. A tough task for sure but like Gonzo I’m ever the oppotimist.

  7. Mmluv

    Love all of your ideas! More Muppets would be a fantastic addition to the parks.

  8. What makes the Muppets work, he said, can be found in something as rudimentary as the early test footage for “The Muppet Movie” that shows Henson and Oz roaming the countryside as they ad-lib dialogue for Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear.

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