Cut Off Donald’s Legs At This Disney Themed Dining Experience

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skull and crossbones

Executive Chef Nelly Robinson, of Australian eatery ‘Nel’,’ is back with her ‘Once Upon A Time’ 11-course dinner. And this time, it’s not just Bambi’s mom you are eating. This is the second year that Nel will be offering this dining option, after it sparked heavy controversy for Disney fans last year, and did incredibly well because of it. It has vegans and vegetarians screaming (I can say that, I am one of them!). But still, somehow I am very intrigued. Plus, if you want an elite dining experience that has Halloween vibes written all over it, I think Nel’s has you covered.

The ‘Once Upon A Time’ menu draws inspiration from the dark side of Disney. Last year, the main course called “Bambi‘s Mom”, a venison steak served with shell casings full of seasoning on a bed of blood-red beet juice was the talk of the town. This year Chef Nelly plans to top herself.

Now the dining experience in back, running until Saturday, 7 November, with gourmet cuisine inspired by films like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Finding Nemo, Moana and more!

Menus are created from memories of childhood, taking diners on an unexpected food journey of the senses that never compromises on flavour, integrity or passion. Stirring excitement with food, not everything is always as it appears…” Nel. explains.

The Once Upon a Time menu (which can cater to all dietary requirements) is available from Tuesday – Saturday, and for lunch on Saturday.

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Lets see what… or should I say who we are eating

Looks like we are starting off with our favorite ticking croc from Peter Pan! This time we are going to help out Captain Hook by eating his annoying friend.

Tick tock croc ?. Chicken & croc croquettes with croc fat mayo.

Beauty and the Beast also has an appearance here as a tasty dessert. Remember when Belle saved the Beast and the rose didn’t break… that’s not the case this time.

Featuring a magical rose that determines if he’ll be beast or prince as part of one of the desserts.

Belle, you definitely got much more than this provincial life.

Tale as old as time, true as it can be.
Roses are red, beasts are blue. Our take on a gateau opera cake with lychee, raspberry & rose. A nod to the films French setting.

It wouldn’t be a Disney slaughter fest if the classic Bambi’s mom wasn’t back. Hunting has never looked so delicious.

@urbanlistsyd has said it might just be the happiest degustation on earth. And don’t we all need a bit of happiness this year ?!


Note to self — don’t anger a spiritual mountain or you might get burned. This drink is not Te Fiti, but the angry magma villain from Moana, Te Ka.

What can I say except you’re welcome ?
Moana. Beenleigh double barrel rum, orgeat & pineapple ??.

Do you wanna build a snowman? More like, ok bye! Eat your favorite ice sidekick Olaf with this meal. And guess what, you’re going to like it.

Do we need Elsa to make it winter again? ❄️
Melting ⛄️. Black garlic bread ice cream. Carrot cake. Vanilla yoghurt.

Dory’s always been forgetful, let’s put her out of her misery. Sorry Nemo.

You’ll find dory in your belly after this!
John Dory. Fennel. Seaweed. Lemon foam.

Now we have some good! Looks like Robin Hood is saving the day with this meal.

A dish that celebrates the man that stole from the rich & gave to the poor ?
Gold bresola jelly that melts into poor mans vegetables finished with a mushroom consommé.

Alice, be careful, I don’t think this is Wonderland anymore. The Queen of Hearts looks like she is doing some mischief to this drink.

Drink this magical liquid 
Alice. Poor Toms gin, red shiso, lemon myrtle.

While were at it, I think Ariel needs to watch out. This The Little Mermaid cocktail has Ursula’s tentacles all over it.

We’d stay under the sea for this ?
Mermaid martini. Dasher & Fisher ocean gin. Regal rogue. Wakame.

Sorry Donald, Daisy is a widow now.

We’ve gone quackers.
Donald á Paris – part 1. Confit duck leg with chilli.
Once upon a time chapter 2 on now ✨

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So, how much money does it cost you to become a Disney villain?

The dinner will set you back $135 with the optional drink package valued at $105 (alcoholic) and $55 (non-alcoholic).

Which when you think about it, $135 for an 11-course Disney themed chef made dinner does not sound bad at all. This will definitely be an experience to remember and with Halloween around the corner, there is really no better time to chow down on your favorite Disney characters!

Would you try this dark side of Disney meal?

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