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  1. Lisa griffith

    Should be limited 2 per day only one person family able to do it

  2. Kev

    I kind of hope they replace fast pass with virtual queues for all rides and eliminate lines altogether

  3. Initially it was fine with no FP, but NOW, it’s a different story. These lines are insane most days for the popular rides Being able to book 3 FP’s a day ( plus more ), is a perk shared by ALL. Disney stated there was no need bcuz rides were walk ons, which is untrue. Some rides are at certain times of the day, but when “It’s a small world” is a 50 minute wait….u know it’s going to be a longgg day!! BRING IT BACK.

    1. Bob

      Do not go to WDW, if fast-passes are no longer available, or you will spend at least half your park time waiting in line.

      1. Rebel orange bird

        Good bob you stay away… bc i never waited prior to fp a whole day for something! I actually saw more wo the stupid fp worry! the regular line never moves now and half the rides at wdw never needed it to begin w now they have it to create lines all it does is create lines and problems!

  4. Lila

    Nope, please keep the fast pass system! Everyone who enters the parks can have up to three rides their choosing if they plan their vacations out. Crowds pre covid were crazy so the relief of having the fastpass up to 3 rides was awesome!

  5. Evelyn

    Without Fast Pass and parkhopper, older people and disabled, many of whom are Annual Passholders and longtime supporters, will not find it worthwhile to come. Hope we will not be overlooked.

  6. Mark

    FP WORKED ONLY IN PAPER FORM! I could get it when i wanted it not i choose 3 i am done! I want to stay in the park thanks! Beyond it screws up das though disney changing the pass on folks didnt help. That and not every single thing needs FP … fast pass means shorter wait now its,sometimes longer than the regular queue! Thats not a,FP!

  7. Esteban

    I was a annual pass holder canceled in August. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to get a fast passes and couldn’t. Then I get to the park and waiting on a line speaking with out of town guests just to be told They had no problem getting them. Get rid of fast pass.

  8. Warren

    Bring back the FP system. The FP system allows visitors the option to either take what they can get and have a relatively speedy day (Been there, done that) or they can spend half the day in 50+ minute lines.

    ONE CHANGE THOUGH…Save the last 2 or 3 hours of a parks FP’s for day of release to those in park at that last 3 to 4 hour window before the park closes. It would give the visitors that one last chance for a FP to the most popular ride. AP holders would have shots at getting FP’s for that popular ride. AND Disney would like it as it would keep visitors in the park longer. Everybody wins.

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