Comments for Gov. Says Disneyland Announcement is Coming “Very Very Shortly”

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  1. Jen

    I just know its coming soon! So exciting! There’s less than 15 reported corona cases in Anaheim alone (who knows if those are actually corona cases though since numbers have been off). Lets get things back up and running safely!

  2. Richard Smith

    I won’t go until I an assured there is no danger. Besides, as an AP holder, I know Disney will de-value our passes (but charge us the same as before) by forcing us to make reservations. And, no Parkhopping?

    1. David

      No one cares about the ap’s because you guys are Karen’s and are very ride. You guys think you know everything about the policies when in reality you don’t know anything.

  3. Michelle

    Yeah, right. Governor Hairgel only cares about continuing his power trip.

    1. Agreed Michelle lol

      1. Brian

        You are not educated. You are stupid Lisa and Michelle. Nobody wants to see you at Disneyland anyways because both of you are fat and ugly

    2. LZ

      What a shocker…to find out that public health measures are actually written into law and have been on the books for decades! 😱🙄

    3. Annoyed citizen


    4. Annoyed citizen

      You are a troll what a worthless comment

  4. Fonz

    I’m ready to get back to work. 😊

  5. Mario

    Governor Newson has to realize people lively hood is at risk here. Their business was forced to shut down they have rent to pay and the employees lost their jobs. It is alot to handle

  6. David

    Everyone is forgetting that they don’t know much about the virus and that they are trying to figure it out like the rest. They are doing their best to keep safe
    If you guys are so smart and know everything then why don’t you create a cure and run for office at the same time.

  7. David

    Grow up

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