New Disney Christmas Jumpers Coming This October!

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Get your crackers and puddings out folks, it may only be the 23rd September but we’re on the run up to Christmas, baby. Alright, so maybe we’ve got Halloween to get through first, but that hasn’t stopped The House of Mouse releasing some awesome new Disney Christmas Jumpers!

The sweaters are not available just yet but will reportedly drop on shopDisney at some point in October. With that said, let’s take a look at these festive treats!

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Mickey & Minnie Are the Stars!

The new jumpers are typically wholesome and feature everyone’s favorite mice in lovely festive costumes. The first has gorgeous green arms with a red lining around the neck and bottom. It features Mickey Mouse himself dressed as Santa Claus / Father Christmas as he checks of the naughty list with a pencil. We love the elf inspired look of this one and the dark green on the arms is just beautiful.

Mickey festive sweater
Credit: Disney

Jumper number two almost seems like a response to the first one! Minnie Mouse proudly declares that she’s on the ‘nice list’ while wearing a gorgeous festive outfit. This one has a red and white colour scheme typical of a lot of Christmas sweaters. Certainly getting some Mrs. Claus to Mickey’s Santa Claus vibes going on here.

new Disney Christmas Jumpers
Credit: Disney

This is our favorite of the Disney Christmas sweaters. Here we get to see Mickey and Minnie spend some quality time together riding one of Santa’s reindeer. The grey colouring with white snowy dots perfectly captures that Christmas-y vibe that makes you all warm inside.

new Disney Christmas Jumpers
Credit: Disney

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Grumpy Gets His Own Christmas Jumper This Year

Every family has a Grinch at Christmas, and for the seven dwarves that person is unsurprisingly Grumpy. He is absolutely hilarious and super charming. We can definitely imagine a few scrooges who’d look good in this Grumpy jumper! Some Disney fans might call this one an ugly Christmas sweater, but we think it’s just beautiful!

New Disney Christmas Jumpers
Credit: Disney

All of the new Disney Christmas jumpers will be available in both kids and adult sizes, so everyone can enjoy them! Keep an eye out for them on shopDisney, but in the meantime, the store already has a lovely collection from last year.

If you live in the UK, clothes retailers Primark and Matalan tend to always have a good selection of Disney Christmas jumpers so keep an eye out there too!

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Disney and Christmas go together like Mickey & Minnie

disney world at christmas
Credit: Disney Parks

If there’s one feeling that even comes close to the magic and joy of visiting a Disney park, it’s running down to meet your loved ones on Christmas morning after the anticipation of Christmas eve. Weather you’re wearing a festive jumper or a Christmas dress, looking the part on Christmas day is a big part of the fun for many of us. For a Disney fan, there’s no better option than a Disney themed holiday sweater!

Keep an eye out at Primark and ShopDisney this holiday season for a sweater that’ll bring the Christmas loving kid out of us all. In the mean time, get that Christmas tree sorted before the snowflakes start to fall and Santa Claus pays you a visit!

If you have kids or a dog, check out ShopDisney or Primark, as they’ve both sold kid and dog Christmas accessories and clothes in the past. What could be better than a Santa hat or elf costume for your little ones, or even your Cocker Spaniel!

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Which Disney Christmas jumper is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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