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  1. It’s time to open theme parks in Anaheim! I have been going to Disneyland for 50+ years and it has always impressed me how clean the park always is; the upkeep and maintenance is always top notch; Disneyland cast members know exactly how to make your visit memorable, and there is an art to how they plan out all of the operations in a single day. If Disneyland can do that day after day with very few errors and catastrophies, they can handle opening now. Besides, employees need their jobs and benefits to keep their livelyhood going, and the Feds are not doing anything right now that would help those who are currently unemployed and not receiving enough through resources that our government should be providing. Sen. McConnell is sitting on the Heroes Act, not moving it along even though it has a bipartisan approval. So, open Disneyland! I’m dying to go!

    1. Karen

      what life threatening virus i want see micky mouse

      1. Corey

        Exactly!! You have a better chance of dying in a car accident on the way to Disneyland then you do from this “deadly” virus that has claimed the lives of .01% of the worlds population!

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