Villainous Midnight Masquerade Series of Dolls Debuts

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Midnight Masquerade dolls

Introducing to the ball, the evilest of villainous creatures — new Disney Villains dolls! Six new limited-edition dolls from shopDisney will feature elegant, movie-inspired sculpted and captivating costumes.

Beginning in October, the MerchPass opportunities will open at 10 AM EST for you to cast a spell over the Midnight Masquerade Series collectible of your nightmares. Let’s check out the villains for ourselves…

Disney Villains Midnight Masquerade Series

Included with the dolls are exquisite pin sets highlighting the villains and their masquerade masks in fun, collectible detail. Dolls and pin sets will be sold separately and will be available in-store at a later (unknown) date. shopDisney’s initial teaser for the Disney designer collection was soon followed up by this Facebook post, sharing visuals of all six dolls in well-designed costumes.

The post reads, “Announcing the guests of dishonor! Visit to learn more about our new Midnight Masquerade collection coming next month.” The post was edited 36 minutes after it was posted to include, “D23 Gold and Gold Family Members will have an exclusive opportunity to pre-order the full bundle on Monday, September 28 while supplies last on shopDisney.”

Announcing the guests of dishonor! Visit to learn more about our new Midnight Masquerade collection coming next month.

Posted by shopDisney on Friday, September 25, 2020

It’s worth noting that Disney actually posted on the shopDisney website the limited numbers of the dolls. First up is Maleficent, with 5200 dolls in its limited collection. Her MerchPass will be the first to open, on October 6, 2020. A previous masquerade set of 5 beloved Disney heroines sold by shopDisney had a cost of approximately $650.00, making each doll about $130, give or take. $200 sets of Aurora and Prince Phillip sold a few years ago, again from a Masquerade art collection. It’s a steep price, to be sure, but the exquisite detail of the costumes, face molds, hand-tied hair, and pins may hold the pricetag.

Maleficent shows her true colors in iconic purple laced with burgundy, sharing a dragon mask, and coming with a portrait pin. Lady Tremaine steps out to the ball (she’s already familiar with these, thank you!) with feathers galore and her trusty key by her side. Lock up your doll from the 4,400 available starting October 13th.

maleficent tremaine dolls
Credit: shopDisney

The sea witch Ursula, voiced by Pat Carroll, shows out in her tentacles covered in gathered pinked fabric, holding a mask that rather looks like her sister Morgana. Her collection will have 5100 dolls available and MerchPass opens for Ursula October 20th.

Yzma finally gets her due in plumage from her film, poisonous from head to toe. Her mask evokes Kuzco’s crown as she takes her seat atop his throne. Yzma will have 4500 dolls for sale, with MerchPass opening on October 27th.

Midnight Masquerade usrula and Yzma
Credit: shopDisney

Grimhilde takes the spotlight with 5000 opportunities in oxblood and Scarlett. Find hints of snakes and apples as well as her magic mirror in her mask and detailing. Her train and stand up collar of doom (whisk) are the apples of our eyes. The Evil Queen’s MerchPass opens on November 3rd.

Hades, lord of the underworld, boasts two masks featuring Pain and Panic (the human pin embodies both in theatrical style). With only 4300 dolls for sale, he may be highly coveted. Cool fire blazes at Hades’ collar, while souls encircle his cape. We are not worthy, we are worms! Worthless worms! MerchPass for Hades opens November 10th.

evil queen and hades Midnight Masquerade dolls collectible
Credit: shopDisney

The Midnight Masquerade series will arrive very soon, so ready your spells, apples, mirrors, poisons, keys and crows. Supplies will inevitably sell out, as this collection is already highly anticipated and MerchPass has been giving plenty of Disney fans angst during checkout.

Leave us a comment about which evil villain you want to collect!

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