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Mandalorian Season 2 trailer


  1. Matt Crowder

    I think that is Sasha Banks (WWE Wrestler) not Rosario Dawson.

    1. Excellent point! I have updated the article to reflect this!

      1. TyloRen12

        Glad you updated it, because while I’m super excited to hopefully see Ahsoka again (she’s my favorite character) there’s no way that’s her. No way her montrals would fit under that hood, plus she’s not orange or have facial markings (which yes, could be covered in disguise).

    2. davis

      I do not know her skin looks orange to me which is more ahsoka then sabine… sabine though is mandelorian so she be in hiding plus they both be together either to coincide where rebels left off them going to find ezra! I never knew ahsoka though to be in hiding and she was jedi grey last time i saw her??? So it be interesting to see where they fit it in but will be def exciting to see both characters!

  2. Rebel orange bird

    what if shes Vi??? They did reference black spire and batuu i would love to see her as a real character so when i see her i have more to go on beyond the books and batuu… i know its probably rebels bc its the same folks but it be nice to see her and i can see her helping mando and the crew! And whom better to help an outlaw mandrlorian then an outlaw #1 spy of the one true general and jedi Leia!

    1. janie

      No thats def sabine but the actress whose the face of vi that spilts her time on both coasts for m&g filmed for mandelorian so there is a chance vi will show up.

    2. TyloRen12

      Not the right age to be Vi, the story on Batuu from Galaxy’s Edge is 26 years later in the timeline from where Mando takes place (Mando in 9ABY vs GE in 35ABY). I agree Batuu connections would be cool, but just not happening, or at least not Vi because of the age.

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