Comments for Magic Kingdom Flies Flag at Half-Staff For Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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  1. prince charming

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is responsible for the death of more unborn babies lives than Hitler and Stalin combined. I hope that God forces her to look at the face of every child that was aborted by her authority.

    1. Anonymous

      So I’ll play devil’s advocate here since you wanted to go there. How many unwanted children/babies have you adopted? How about the rest of your family members? How about your friends? If the answer is zero, then you show you only want to control female bodies “Prince Charming”.

    2. Daddy Piranha

      Yeah, no. You don’t really believe that. It sounds good (to your type) to say it, but if you actually believed abortion was murder, you wouldn’t be doing anything else in your life than stopping abortion. And not “donating $10 to a cause” nor “going to a protest” kind of thing. If someone was killing 6 month old babies, you would be stopping them physically. If someone in your community murdered their 6 month old baby, you would know who they were and making sure they were brought to justice or avoiding them if they already served time. If someone on your child’s PTA had a business card saying “6 Month Old Baby Killer”, you would get them off the PTA or pull your child from the school.
      I’m not telling you to put up or shut up. Just be consistent in your multiple hypocrisies on this site.

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