Comments for John Boyega Defends JJ Abrams Amid ‘Star Wars’ Backlash

boyega and abrams

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  1. rebel orange bird

    they both wont work in this town again!!! Your biting the hand that feeds you! If disney did not care would black panther even exist!? Think about! Disney is a huge company and its one thing to speak your mind its another to say something out your butt about a huge corp that knows about everyone and your done! John you were a nobody before star wars get off your high horse before you become a nobody again!!!! Blm bc all lives matter as we are all human which means w words you go too far and loose the support! Like the nuts outside my window!

  2. Wesley Christjohn

    You were hired to play a part. Just because it didn’t play out how you wanted. Doesn’t mean it’s as bad as you say. You are a fool, to take the part, then start running your mouth about what you think should be happening. If your were this unhappy with Finn, you should have just refused any more work. Plain and simple.
    You are like Chrissy Somers from Threes Company. It all went to your head and you thought you deserved more. And now you look absolutely dumb.
    You take all the money then turn around and SPIT in the faces of very people that gave you a chance at something great.
    I hope you never work in the movies again.
    I PRAY you don’t get Black Panther part. You are not worthy. You weren’t even a good storm trooper.
    This tiny part of Finn went straight to your Fat head.
    In some ways I hope they bring legal actions to you.
    Slander and false accusations.
    Why should ANYONE hire you again????
    You work get paid and SPIT in the face of your Boss!!!!
    You are an Embarrassment!

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