Comments for Iconic Polynesian Resort Performers Among Laid-Off Cast Members

polynesian entertainers


  1. rebel orange bird

    Ent is run by equity … equity is having it worse than wdw look at broadway or your local theatres no one knows if they are coming back…. there are things that are more important and they cant keep em hanging btw i heard wdw is redoing the show thats a way longer time frame! Think for a moment! Theres more to life then a job! Heard from friends due to covid a fair few of ent almost life their lives i think being lucky to be alive is more important!!!!

  2. Lydia

    i know cms from this show personally and i am in hoop we have not been laid off and if i was i wouldn’t be surprised! Who knows w covid concerns plus reboots to shows when any of us be back. By then we might be up to our reaudition time! Which does happen btw. i am also equity i wouldn’t be fired by disney anyway.

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