This ‘Hocus Pocus’ Mug Looks Like the Life Potion!

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Bringith to a full rousing bubble, then add 2 Drops Oil of Boil and a Dead Man’s Toe. Next, add a Dab of Newt Saliva and a Dash of Pox. Stir Thrice… One final thing and all is done; add a piece of thine own tongue. Winnie’s Life Potion is a classic witches brew, and what would go better in a morning mug but a life brew? Box Lunch is offering a Hocus Pocus mug that looks like a potion bottle with a cork topper as a tribute to one of our favorite Halloween movies.

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Credit: Box Lunch

Lid off your coffee or tea (or soup, we’re not judging. There’s also a Hocus Pocus shake you can try!) with the fitted ceramic topper to keep everything warm until you’re ready to cast your spell. Winnie, Mary, and Sarah stare out at you from the potion label, looking much like parchment, with ink scrawls across the cauldron shaped mug label. But beware… the poison marker is visible. Do you dare drink the brew?

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Credit: Box Lunch

The Box Lunch exclusive retails for under $19 dollars but is actually on sale for 25% off at the moment, making the price a perfect potion in itself. Make sure you hand wash this delicate treasure, or you’ll be a witch burned at the stake. The listing for the ceramic lidded mug reads,

“Want to replenish your youth and vitality, perhaps become immortal? Offer your next guest a concoction in this Hocus Pocus mug! Complete with a separate lid, it’s made to hold the Sanderson Sisters‘ Life Potion, but coffee or tea is fine too.

box lunch hocus pocus mug
Credit: Box Lunch

It’s truly the witching hour for Hocus Pocus and Sanderson Sister merchandise. We’re wild for these Sanderson Sisters Facemasks, as well as the lively new (Binx approved) Hocus Pocus board game that puts the power of brewing potions right into your hands! Hopefully, we won’t have to keep waiting too long to hear of news about the Hocus Pocus movie sequel, as directors, writers, and initial cast talks are already underway. We’ll just nosh on the seasonal (and perhaps hard to find!) Hocus Pocus cookies while we enjoy the classic Halloween flick.

What will you brew into the Hocus Pocus mug or cup this fall season? Leave us a comment below!

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