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Credit: Reddit/Cast Member Food Pantry Facebook

Although Walt Disney World Resort’s four theme parks began their phased reopening process on July 11, demand for tickets has been lower than Walt Disney Company executives anticipated and thousands of Cast Members remain furloughed.

This has left many Cast Members in dire straits financially, so their fellow Disney workers have stepped in to provide assistance where they are able.

Orlando reporter Ashley Carter shared details about a Cast Member-run food bank on Twitter this morning.

Carter wrote:

Thousands of Disney World cast members remain furloughed and many are struggling with basic needs like groceries. Consider donating to Cast Member Pantry, a food bank created by cast members for cast members. The group accepts monetary donations via Venmo (@castmemberpantry).

The Orlando-area journalist then shared a second Tweet about the Disney World Cast Member Food Pantry.

This social media post included a link to the organization’s official Facebook page. Carter shared:

The food bank is run by volunteer cast members, who have been helping their fellow co-workers in need. You can learn more about the group on their Facebook page:

On July 25, the Cast Member Food Pantry shared these details about how furloughed Disney World employees can utilize their services:

Are you or a fellow cast member you know in need of groceries during this difficult time?
Cast Member Pantry makes it quick and easy to receive free food essentials once a month per Cast Member. You’ll receive a reusable grocery bag filled with foods that are easily put together to make meals for 4, with breakfast and snack options as well. We take pride in putting food we all enjoy in our bags because we believe our Cast deserve the very best, and a little comfort too.
How? Make an appointment today by emailing and filling out the survey in the automatic reply. You’ll then receive an email with a day and time for pickup.
We handout groceries every Saturday, but remember appointments are required so we know how many bags to have on hand.
Please help us spread the word to fellow cast members that may not be on social media. We have volunteers that speak and respond to emails in Spanish and English.
Questions? Reach out directly here on Facebook by sending us a message. We are here to serve and look forward to getting food in the hands of our fellow cast. ♥️
cast member food pantry
Credit: Facebook/Cast Member Food Pantry

The Florida food bank’s official Facebook page features many photos, like the one above, of the volunteer Disney Cast Members who are making the magic happen for their fellow workers.

Remember, if you would like to donate to the Disney Cast Member food pantry, the best way is to use Venmo (@castmemberpantry). If you live in the Orlando area and would like to provide other assistance, reach out to the organization on Facebook. 

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