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  1. Suzanne

    There is a good reason to not allow adults to wear costumes. I think this is a mistake. Children don’t know the difference between a cast member in costume and someone who may do them harm. I know wearing the costumes can be fun, but I do think it opens up an opportunity for someone who has dangerous intent.

    1. rebel orange bird

      no its not as you would be for halloween to begin w! They canceled the halloween parties and are letting folks dress up and EVERYONE IS DRESSING UP HENCE HALLOWEEN! If a kid whose there for Halloween can not tell the difference you have a lesson to teach your kids. Besides once your over a certain age you know characters = actors in costume anyway.

    2. Mark

      Hence why the beauty costume is not the real authentic one… duh! if your kid can not tell em apart then you got a different problem! Spending too much time at universal you forgot the actual princess!

      1. Davis

        jinx mark you own rebel a soda! But your both right its bc of halloween but you still have to follow those rules once halloween is done back to no costumes… until dapper days come back in!

    3. Siobhan

      That picture of Aurora is not from Tim Tracker it’s from JoJos World (JoJo Crichton) please give credit to him. JoJos Halloween video has her on the thumbnail.

  2. Charles

    The full guidelines still say that full-length dresses aren’t allowed, so I don’t know how that Aurora costume got through.

    1. Davis

      its halloween so the rules are changed they are following party rules not normal rules! i think the dress is impressive and its a smart idea by disney after they had to cancel parties to run something during the day and guess what now its free w admission instead of $100+ extra!

  3. Jake

    I plan on Disneybounding as Chewbacca or maybe Jack and Sally.

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