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  1. Trevor

    I was at Springs last night. It was too packed, no security in sight, and so many mask offenses that I left after 30 minutes because I was no longer comfortable there. Why should I, as a guest, feel that I need to correct people on wearing their masks? Where is the enforcement?

    1. Armand

      I was there over the holiday weekend and went twice to the Springs. Security was there with dogs. Yes some people did pull mask down while walking and security kindly told them to put the mask on. Other than that I did feel safe. Don’t blame Disney, blame the people that don’t listen and want to ruin it for everyone


    I am wondering what resort guests are supposed to do. They don’t know if the parking garages are full, because they ride buses. I talked to a Disney representative. The resort guests ability to get in will be hit or miss. The ap won’t tell us if Disney Springs is at maximum capacity; we find out when the bus drops us off. We can’t get in even if we have restaurant reservations if they are at maximum capacity. I hope they figure this out before we go at Christmas time, because they is nothing to do at night except sitting at the resort or going to Disney Springs.

    1. TacoCat

      Then just stay home.

    2. Christina scarfo

      I actually am leaving today and coming back thanksgiving. If they dont extend the hours in the parks its going to be really bad.

      1. I was there last night, around 7:30 and went to eat at The Polite Pig. I walked right in, ordered my food and found a table inside. Everyone was following all the guidelines. Walked around for about 45 minutes after, it was a little busier because of Labor Day, but Disney Springs never reached capacity. So I’m not sure what everyone is talking about, also everyone I walked by had their mask on, and 5 times a Cast Member told my sister to keep her mask over her nose. I believe Disney is doing the best they can, but there understaffed and out numbered, so enforcement is going to be a challenge.

        1. Kristen

          I have seen cast members enforce the mask requirement countless times. Unfortunately people are stupid everywhere.

        2. Heather Weber

          Why did they have to remind your sister to wear her mask properly 5 times? If she is a child or doesn’t know better, shouldn’t you or your family members remind her? That`s the problem…too many offenders who don’t listen.

  3. Catherine

    Disney has demostrated that black people don’t have to wear masks.

    1. Shawn

      Thank you for your ignorance Catherine. May God have mercy on you.

    2. Brian DeVries

      And YOU have demonstrated that you’re ignorant.

  4. lydia

    its a mall lets not forget not a park! It still was nothing compared to universal park!

    1. Linda

      Wow. Seriously. My husband happens to be black and I am white, I also work there. I for one wear my mask as he does. He is older and at risk. Everyday I go to work, I hope and pray I don’t bring something home to him. Ignorance like what you put on here makes me say…I hope YOU don’t catch anything.

  5. renee k

    I was at Universal & Island of adventure. I was disappointed. No such thing as social distancing and we were never told about going on the phone so we can go on rides. We went on 4 rides. Everything was shut down. The reasons we horrible: becuz ride was broke down, no employees & it was too hot/closed. Becuz this was money making holiday, they blew it. We r not coming back for a long time. We wasted money, the masks did not help either & they priced gouged big time. To make up for the lack of payroll & when they were closed.

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