Comments for Girl With Spina Bifida Builds Muscles at Disney World


  1. JS

    What could have been an interesting story about a cute kid having fun was turned into condescending mush with all the trite, discriminatory language. Disney, this is not inclusion. You owe an apology to the entire Spina Bifida community.

    1. Lori Ann

      Of course, you may ask for an apology for yourself, if you are offended by this sweet article, but you mustn’t try to speak for the “entire Spina Bifida community.” Worldwide, we all have our individual opinions. Let us speak for ourselves, one way or another.

    2. Regina

      I couldn’t agree with u more.

    3. Marie k sesay

      Please I need help I give birth to my son with Spina bifida what should I do?

  2. Kimberly Young

    Houston Texas

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