Get Amazing Vacation Photos, Even With a Mask On!

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In these unprecedented times we wanted to ask the question, is it possible to take fabulous vacation photos at Disney with a face mask on? The answer, “YES!” Heres why:

A Reddit thread by user smilesxo details the Capture Your Moment photo session experience while wearing masks.

My husband and I did the Capture Your Moment photo session during our trip last week. This was our favorite from the set! from WaltDisneyWorld

Reddit user @smilesxo had this to say about her experience in the comments,

Thanks! We actually paid for 2 sessions so it was $100. 20 minutes would have been fine but we were doing baby announcement photos so we wanted multiple locations. The photographers were great – very professional and fun to work with. Also worth noting we had to wear masks the entire shoot because Disney is not allowed to publish any photos without masks.

A Capture Your Moment photo session costs $50 to start and gets you your own PhotoPass photographer at Magic Kingdom to help you capture extra special memories. However you can also hire your own personal photographer to help you capture long lasting memories at the Disney theme parks!

We have great tips and tricks on using non Disney Photopass Photographers here.

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disney masks kids
Credit: Disney

Here is another great tip on how to have amazing photos inside the Disney Parks while wearing a mask. Disney has released dozens of masks in all sizes. Find a mask that represents your favorite character or movie, match a face mask to your special Disney themed outfit, or have the whole family wear matching masks for a super cute picture!

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Disney has even released face masks for Halloween and we would bet that Christmas themed masks will not be far behind!

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We hope these tips help you conquer your vacation photos and help you make the most out of them during this pandemic!

Comment below and tell us your tips and tricks for taking fabulous photos in the parks with your face mask on!

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