Comments for Video: Flynn and Rapunzel Speak to Guest in ASL – It’s Pure Magic

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  1. davis

    Did this for my daughter when she was alive bc ent cm go beyond in many ways! And not bc i am a cm too. Its so sp to see things like this! Kindness all around what we need right now!

  2. Fiona

    Pretty cool to see!

    Two things, though:
    1. Although Rapunzel ahs Flynn did, the guest wasn’t really using American Sign Language, but another country’s sign language (I couldn’t tell exactly which country). It’s most visible even he was signing to the camera.
    2. Say “Deaf”, not “hearing- impaired”

    1. Kristin

      Fun! And yes, please don’t use the term hearing impaired…ugh! DEAF is with a capital D is the correct term when referring to a person who is deaf. The Deaf community is EXTREMELY proud of their sign languages, traditions, culture and heritage.

      1. Remy Craft

        I was literally coming to the comments section to say that! Please use the word “Deaf” with a capital “D” and never say “hearing-impaired.” It’s actually kind of offensive. Either way, it’s a sweet story though!

  3. Lisa

    I would like to echo the other comments that have already been posted. The term hearing impaired makes it sound like there is something wrong with being deaf. Please use the word deaf in articles like this one.

  4. Lindsay M

    Yes, it was quickly apparent that the Deaf man wasn’t using ASL. But, I think it is important to note that signed languages are conceptual and have a high percentage of intelligibility across different language families (LSF, BANZSL, etc) that makes these positive interactions possible.

    And yes, the most grating aspect of this article is in referring to the man as “hearing-impaired” rather than Deaf, which is appropriate. It doesn’t appear as though there is any impairment, at all! Just a lively interaction.

  5. SG

    Such a sweet article! Thank you for posting this heart warming story and thank you for teaching me to use Deaf not hearing impaired!

  6. Melanie Durham

    Yes, thank you for this sweet article, it brought tears to my eyes! CM’s are just magical!

    And thank you to everyone else for teaching me the politically correct way to speak about this situation! đź’ś

  7. Miss Alison

    While a wonderful moment to be sure there are a few things I wanted to point out.
    -As stated in comments above, please use Deaf instead of hearing impaired.
    -Not sure how they “spoke” his language, seeing as nothing was vocalized.
    -American Sign Language is not correct. You could write, sign language and that would be accurate. There are Many signed languages around the world. It would be as if you posted that someone was speaking Spanish when they are actually speaking Italian. You can hear in the background some individuals speaking French and though I am not completely sure, it is likely this is French Sign Language. Though it has similarities to ASL, they are different.

    With that being said, I do think it’s wonderful to see more and more inclusion in the parks. It’s a fantastic surprise for guests when characters they love are able to communicate with them. It is a magical experience.

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