Comments for Heavy Downpour Causes Flooding in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Flooding

Credit: @LSThrasher04 on Twitter (left); Alex Nalven (right)


  1. Noah

    We were in the direct middle of this! Lightning stuck directly behind splash mountain and within minutes the entire Adventureland/ Frontierland side of the park was closed. It was crazy. We huddled into Country Bear Jamboree and waited it out in the exit!

  2. lydia

    A difference a few miles away make i havent seen rain since last wkend … crazy … only in fl! Hope mk is aok now!

  3. Cory

    My family and I just got out of CoP and got stuck underneath a narrow portion of the Peoplemover track. We were going to make a break for the overhang around CoP again but it just kept getting worse! Basically spent 30 minutes huddled underneath that narrow portion of track getting soaked but not willing to break for better cover due to the lighting… Stayed after hoping the park would clear out a bit more until close but it didn’t. Oh well, definitely made some memories in Tomorrowland today!

  4. By “capacity” you should specify “50 % capacity”. They are not allowing 100% capacity.

    1. Steve Norman

      We were just going onto buzz lightyears space ranger spin when it was getting dark. By the time the ride was over it was pouring. No place to stand so we walked straight out and onto the monorail. Which was also delayed due to the weather. Luckily it was our last planned ride of the day so we were leaving anyways. Spent today and tomorrow at universal.

    2. Dawn Hughes

      this isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. Tomorrowland floods all the time. ,and it is florida

  5. Mel Kue

    We were holding out in Tomorrowland and the water was to some people’s ankles as we saw them try to walk though. The thunder was so loud, it startled us and made my daughter cry (she’s 5). Worst storm in Disney that I‘ve ever seen and it was my birthday.

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