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Phase 3 Disney World


  1. Mmluv

    This is not great news for us. We have a November trip scheduled but if Disney does increase capacity limits, we will be canceling our trip.

    1. Adrien

      Same here. We are planning to go for my son’s 7th birthday in November, but we’ll cancel if they go back to full capacity and change the social distancing measures.

      1. Bond


        1. Michele Rose Barela

          No one who looks out for their families health is a coward but YOU are an idiot for saying it. Go on now, lick a toilet seat if you’re so brave. Or maybe you can have dinner with my brother and his family who all have Covid?

          1. Bond

            What time? I’ll bring a nice dessert wine.

        2. Melanie

          Conspiracy Theorist

      2. jason

        You are a such a chicken. Did you see the COVID death rates from the CDC?
        COVID-19 SURVIVAL RATES (per CDC):

        Ages 0-19: 99.997%
        Ages 20-49: 99.98%
        Ages 50-69: 99.5%
        Ages 70+: 94.6%

        Sept 24, 2020

        1. Suey Ng

          Tell that to the over 200 thousand people who died from it!

          1. Bond

            From it, or with it? Big diff.

        2. Olivia

          The CDC is full of garbage. The real truth about COVID-19 is that it’s a little bit stronger than the normal cold flu which me (26 year old) and my children (6 & 8 years old) have gotten COVID and survived it without needing to go to the hospital or needing any medicine except for your normal home remedies like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and drinking Orange juice! But the WHO and CDC won’t tell you that because COVID was released into the world to line the pockets of WHO, CDC, hospitals, and those making the drugs to combat the virus with stacks of money and finally for the Democrats to have all the power in the world over your lives! BTW a few friends of mine and their children have survived COVID, so ages 0-19 and ages 20-49 years old are 100% likely to die from COVID couldn’t be more false! COVID is unfortunately killing people with other underlying health issues, and senior citizens because those peoples immune system can’t fight off the normal cold flu let alone COVID! NOW: We got COVID months ago and now we are happy and very Healthy and for those looking to go to Disney World now that the crowd levels are back up, go do it. I have been going to Disney World since Florida has moved to phase 3 of reopening and I wear my mask all the time, and you should as well go live the in the magic again! I’m not in fear of getting COVID again, and if I do I know I’ll survive it again!

        3. BeObjective

          Can you also provide hospitalization rates, cuz that’s not exactly my idea of a good time either 🙄

      3. Deanna McCoy

        We are supposed to ho in October and it looks like they have already begun allowing more people. I’m very disappointed and will probably be canceling as well.

      4. Van E Hamlin

        None of your family is at high risk if you are healthy. Wear your mask and go! Have a magical time.

      1. it's not easy

        Saying I’d rather not go to an amusement park because there is a spreading disease is not cowardice. Saying I am unwilling to bear the discomfort of going one year without a vacation, no matter how many lives it costs, is.

        1. Bond

          Fear is contagious.

      2. Eeth

        You’re projecting

    2. Joanne

      We live in central Florida and will now buy our annual passes to Disney and Universal Studios and Sea World in hopes the mask and social distancing rules are eliminated!

      Those who are too scared can stay home, locked up for years for all I care. Enough with shutting down and destroying our economy over a virus with a 99% survival rate and masks that do NOT stop the virus anyhow.

      1. it's very difficult

        There are over 300 million people in the United States. If this virus has a 99% survival rate, that means it has a 1% death rate. That means that, if masks don’t work anyhow, if we open everything back up, over 3 million Americans will die. Not 3 thousand like on 9/11. 3 MILLION.

        1. Christian O'Leary

          Well it’s a good thing those numbers are outrageously Over-inflated huh?

        2. not that difficult

          LOL, less than 1% of the people who GET the virus will die, you’re numbers say that 1% of the overall population will die – that number is currently .01% of the worlds population! you’re being a good democrat and skewing the numbers to make this look MUCH worse, keep up the good work!

        3. Bond

          Common core has not been kind to you.

        4. Matt

          Not how it works. 99% of those that get a viral load enough to manifest symptoms not total population. You are confusing categories

        5. Paul

          A 1% death rate for a respiratory disease is huge. How many of you would put a gun to your head knowing you have a 1 in 100 chance of being killed? How about doing that to your kids? Your parents?

          COVID-19 is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, behind only cancer and cardiovascular disease (CDC). In the US, case to mortality rate is currently at least 2.9%, or 98.1% survival (John’s Hopkins & CDC). At that rate we’re talking around about 9.5 million deaths in the US (~330 million people). But that current survival rate is based on no hospitals being overloaded and availability of drugs and treatments, which won’t be true. We’ll hit closer to the mortality rate in other countries, which is 5% to 10%. And that doesn’t even consider the long term effects that are showing up for a subset of the population, which includes younger adults and children. Or the fact that whatever immunity is provided by having the disease appears to be only short lived. You could have it multiple times in a year, so multiply that 9.5 million number by a some amount.

          I wonder when people post stuff like this whether they’ve actually thought about the impacts? Really looked at the best available data and not just echoed some blog or meme they saw? Do they really think about how many people suffer? How many people will die?

          1. Bond

            A disease so deadly you have to get a test to see if you’re sick.

          2. Davis M

            Paul, not all 330 million people in the US have the respiratory disease so you can’t say with a 98.1% survival rate that we’ll experience 9.5 million deaths! The survival rate is for the people who have the disease not the whole population. Back in March our “expert” Dr Fauci predicted we would have over 2 million deaths by the end of summer in the US and we’re no where close to that. The disease is real, without a doubt, but is no way as dangerous and deadly as the media makes it out to be.

          3. corey

            paul paul paul, ill take your word at the survival rate of 98.1% of the people who HAVE the disease if you will agree that the survival rate is 100% for the people who DONT have the disease, and your gun analogy makes no sense

          4. prince charming

            The states with the strictest covid mandates just happen to be Democrats who will benefit in the upcoming election if the economy tanks. Once the election is over, regardless of the outcome, the Democrats in New York , new jersey, connecticut, michigan, california, and Hawaii will longer be so eager to destroy their state over covid.

          5. James

            Wow Davis M, it’s almost like masks and quarantine worked…

          6. Damion

            Paul, you should take your own advice and not only look at the data but understand what it means. The survival rate/death rate only applies to the people with the virus, and you’re pulling the old “leftist” trick and trying to apply it to the whole population. Of the ~330 million people in the US ~223 million people don’t have and have never had the virus and they’re survival rate from the virus is 100%. And if by chance they happen to get the virus in the future and they are less than 70 years old, their survival rate is 99.5%. Like several others have already mentioned, this virus is not as deadly as the media or you like to make people think.

        6. Susan

          Please stop comparing 9/11 to covid19. As a 9/11 survivor i don’t need a mask; its proven to be useless.

      2. Debra Rasmussen

        Agree with you 100%!!

      3. Bond

        Joanne 2024!

      4. Sue

        Yup same here we don’t care if people come down here stay home. If you come down here a travel by air you have more of a chance of getting sick from the plane not the parks

      5. Manny

        Spoken based on zero evidence. Disney is not changing their mask policy for now so I look forward to not seeing you as a pass holder.

    3. Giulia

      Might as well live in a bubble🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. Sue

        I know if mask help then how come china was the first to get this virus they have worn mask for years. Since when it America bc China. If you want to wear one go right ahead. If not it should be your chose

    4. Bond

      Cancel now. Not enough capacity for you.

    5. MrsWeasleysTwin

      Yay! More people getting jobs back.
      I know 2 people that got covid and 1 was 45 & the other 53. Both were sick for about 4 days & then recovered. Yes, it’s no fun to be sick but 99% of people infected survive. We didn’t close down or limit capacity every flu season in the past. We always take hand sanitizer and wash our hands often. We take emergen C before and while there. We’ll still visit & use the precautions we always have. there’s always a risk going to a theme park.

      1. Bond

        You are the rare reasonable person. Respect.

  2. At disney first week it opened and loyaly for years. Nut i wollnot br goimg back for 1 to 2 years from now. Nor will i be eatimh in places that habr full capavity deating. This is gar from ovet. See europe and spaim

    1. eric

      umm . . . . huh?

    2. Concerned about janice

      Are you okay Janice?

    3. Bond


  3. Keith Parquette

    At least bring back entertainment, character meet and greets and fireworks…while still enforcing masks and temperature checks. Put rapid testing in place as well.

    1. Giulia

      Yessss! That’s all I’m waiting for to go back!

    2. Bond

      Not necessary.

  4. Eddie

    I am heavily in favor of this move. In fact, I think the Governor should take it a step further and remove the warning labels from everything and let the stupidity problem take care of itself. Natural selection at its finest.

    1. Mickey Mouse is great

      And herd immunity

      1. Bond

        Herd bravery!

    2. csalt

      If they don’t let more people in soon, they will be bankrupt. This virus is serious for a specific group:
      elderly with other illnesses.

  5. Candace Nichol

    It makes zero sense that as we in Florida are finally bringing our Covid numbers down this elected idiot makes a decision like this! Who is advising him? Jesus! This will set Florida back with Flu season coming and will hurt tourism even more!

    1. Kimberly Wells

      Numbers really arent even going down. They just arent doing the tests. When at first if you went to an er and had any symptoms you were tested and now they just send you home and not test. Its all a big cover up and if it continues well those who believe our politicians who lie more than lawyers well. What happens happens to them I just pray for the ones do believe covid is real and are taking all precautions to stay safe

      1. Corey

        I bet you were one of the people screaming “numbers are going up! numbers are going up!” when they started testing 10x as many people too, nobody is saying the virus isn’t real, it’s just not as dangerous as the media (or the democrats) want you to think

      2. prince charming

        I work with a biochemist who is responsible for PCR test for a government agency. He came in contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19. He had himself tested and he was negative but he still quarantined. I asked him why he quarantined if he was negative and he said that he did not trust the results of the test when it was his health. The guy who is a national expert on PCR does not believe in the results of this test!

    2. Bond


      1. J

        Bond has a stutter.

        1. TIRED OF THIS BS

          Bond has a low IQ issue

          1. Bond

            Please explain with smaller words.

    3. Bond

      Jesus said “Be not afraid”.

  6. Catherine

    I think it is a great idea and look forward to Disney increasing their capacity and bringing back fast pass. Being a pass holder and going frequently I will miss the emptiness of the park but I will love being able to visit when ever I want without having to make a reservation.

  7. Rob Lutostanski

    Finally. If people are worried, why would you even consider going to Disney world? Remove the restrictions and let those not worried enjoy Disney world.

    1. mark

      Because it was safe even before this thats why and still safe now protocol how about you idiots whom do not care and are selfish along w the folks that think ent can just miraculously come back your not a true fan! Most fans care to follow rules! …. Also most shows run w 30 cms limits folks limits! And if your coming for ent fireworks and people in costumes your again not a true disney fan if thats why you go! Do you know besides dummy universal ALL THEME PARKS have capacity N safety protocols!!! Its not just fl and rules its for the safety oF EVERYONE@!!

      1. cindy caine

        You think folks never followed rules before or theme parks never had rules to follow before and everyone runs a muck!

      2. Corey

        mark if you’re too afraid, just stay home

    2. Elizabeth

      And the cast members who may have concerns of their own mean nothing in this?

      1. Bob

        Quit your job, then.

      2. Screech

        are you talking about the cast members that don’t want to work but expect to still get paid?


      Because those of us with compromised immune systems would actually like to enjoy life too as surprising as you greedy aholes may find that to be! We actually enjoy visiting theme parks too and would like to be able to do so and the face masks and social distancing, etc actually allowed for us to do so without being in fear for our lives but now thanks to our DHEAD of a governor we have to live like hermits so that you jerks can go out and party without the discomfort of a mask. I am so sorry that that piece of fabric on your face was making your life so miserable or that having to sit 6 feet away from someone was such an inconvenience to you that it is okay for you to force others into a life of solitude! Just another illustration of why the whole world hates America….because we as a whole we are self entitled greedy self centered jerks. Before COVID I was out every weekend at faires, theme parks, conventions, etc……so this is not the life I choose….thanks for playing Rob

      1. Bond

        You could be hit by a car. Should we all stop driving?

  8. Bdr

    A very brave desicion to make during a pandemic. This guy is going to be a hero or end up in prison. Respect.

    1. Bond


  9. lydia

    Where are you getting your information???? Desantis is only opening resturants to stage 3 NOT ANYTHING ELSE!!!! That was on the news today!! He also said all safety protocols are still in place and for everyone to still take care be safe and think of others. Nowhere was it mentioned about anything but restaurants and maybe small businesses which are hurting most.

    1. Read Everything

      Sorry, but phase 3 meant phase 3. Read what it was. Universal hasn’t made a comment but Walt Disney World did saying they are evaluating it but right now nothing has changed and masks are still required to visit.

      1. rosie

        yes but i agree w lydia those things were not listed in his announced statement! And do not think your getting theme parks still wo regulations! Rules will always happen you can not follow them stay home! Disney nor any other park will not miss you!

    2. Teresa M

      I live in Florida. Basically everything is opening back up. Gyms, hair salons, theme parks etc. There is a huge list.

  10. Gary

    Insane…there’s a wildfire burning and let’s just remove the fire breaks and just let it burn. The sooner the fire kills off those at risk, the sooner everybody else can get back to normal. What a strategy…sacrifice the boomers so the millenials can party and live it up.

    1. Bond

      Apples / Oranges

  11. Steve H

    That’s funny because Disney just canceled the WDW Marathon weekend which was scheduled to take place in January over continued concerns regarding Covid-19….but they are going to expand park capacity. Why does nothing about this make any sense whatsoever?

  12. Stik

    Get back to spending that $$$, disposable America!! I’ll head back to the parks when Deathsantis reopens the governor’s mansion for tours again.

    1. Bond

      If nobody is buying nobody is working.

    2. Bond

      Nobody spends, nobody works.


      with no masks or distance either!! 🙂

  13. Josie

    The Governor is a moron. The number of deaths and ill people will skyrocket due to stupidity. I curse moving to this awful state. Good luck.

    1. An American Patriot

      Ha! Move the hell out! Bye! We don’t need morons like you here anyway! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Bond

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I hear Portland is lovely.

    3. jason

      Enjoy De Blasio New York there. Florida don’t want coronabros like you.

  14. Marti

    This is just more of DeSantis pandering to Trump. He doesn’t give a crap about the people, only votes and money, and he’s willing to trade our health for it. I can’t wait to vote him out of office.

    1. Bond

      DeSantis would like for you to be able to feed your family.

  15. Nick

    This is really good news. Giving companies the autonomy to make their own decisions on what measures they’d like to take for covid is a move that should be praised. If you think Desantis is an idiot, why would you want to be ruled by his every diktat? Allowing things to be open giving companies and individuals the freedom to make their own decisions is what should have been done all along. Also, Disney probably will slowly let restrictions up, let’s be real. They’ll operate on their own reopening phases. And finally, let’s actually follow the science on this, there’s no need to be so black and white on everything (it’s neither a hoax or something that’s going to kill us all). Yes, it may seem to be pretty transmissible based on the incredible amount of testing being done, but it also seems to only being causing serious impact to a small set of the population. And if you’re at all worried about coming in contact with that small subset of the population after being in a place like Disney, then you should absolutely feel free to take whatever precautions you feel are necessary, like masks, quarantining yourself, getting a test, and so on. I think we all need to take some more measures responses to all of this instead of going right for the throat of anyone with a different opinion than us on the situation


      The problem with “making your own decisions” is that for those of us with health issues (and I am not old so I was quite active before all this but I have other health concerns that COVID could affect) by others not wearing a mask or staying socially distant from me, they are making their own decision, they are making MY decision. They are not putting themselves at risk….they are putting ME at risk and forcing me into solitude. How is that fair. Is it such an inconvenience to have to wear a light mask in public and not be all up in strangers’ personal space to just be considerate of your fellow man and take their lives into consideration and not be the greedy Ahole that the world sees all Americans to be????

      1. Bond

        You being “forced” into solitude = bad. Others “forced” to do things they’re uncomfortable with = fine. Got it.

        1. TIRED OF THIS BS

          Yes, Bond….people not being able to ever leave their house is alot worse that you having to put a piece of fabric on your face for a few minutes a day. Thank you for illustrating my point about how self centered people like you are being

          1. Bond

            You’re right we’re all self-centered for not doing it for you. What else can we all do for you?


      The problem is that for people who have compromised immune systems that can be effected by COVID are not getting to “make their own decisions” as you put it; we are forced into isolation by YOUR decisions. Because people are so off put by having to wear a small piece of fabric on their face for a few minutes when they are in public or because they can’t be right up in strangers’ personal space, and they were God forbid asked for a change to think of their fellow man instead of being the greedy self centered Americans the world hates us for being, those of us who have to actually worry about COVID for ourselves or close family members are no longer allowed to enjoy a life?
      Because you don’t want to be uncomfortable I should have to give up my right to be able to go to a restaurant, store, or theme park without fear? It seems a simple request from a country that claims to be trying to come together that such a simple request as social distancing and masks wouldn’t be that much to ask to help your fellow man also try to live as normal a life as possible.

  16. I would love for Disney to stay at lower capacity. Not getting run over by strollers is nice. Love the cavalcades much better than the parades. Would like if the parks would stay open longer.

    1. Bond

      A park with no people is a park with no future.

      1. Rjsushsatshsgdgsusjsg

        They didn’t say no people. You can’t read.

        1. Bond

          Severely reduced capacity. Does that help you fill in the mental gaps? You’re welcome.

  17. Ro

    So you lock up all 54 million people over the age of 65 plus the other 36 million with comorbidities? How about just sending them to an interment camp so their out of your way. I guess that studies conducted by Virginia Commonwealth Univ, Texas A&M, and Florida Atlantic Univ aren’t as reliable as information from Alex Jones and Infowars.

    1. Bond

      Don’t drive. You could get hurt.

  18. Sheryl Mason

    I leave in 2 days to visit Disney. I am so excited to hear this news and welcome it as a blessing. However if they are going to increase capacity they need to bring back fast pass and also more restaurants need to open as we are finding the choices very limited to non existent. The dining plan is greatly missed and so are the shows that Disney is so famous for.

  19. J.

    This is great news. The ability to increase capacity takes us another step toward normalcy. Slowly but surely, progress is being made.

  20. SG

    NO! Please don’t move forward until we’re have a safe and effective vaccine!
    Herd immunity doesn’t exist without a vaccine. COVID, like the common cold does not leave antibodies forever, just for 3 months if that. The vaccine makes your body produce antibodies and when that wans you get a vaccine booster. If everyone around you is vaccinated and are therefore immune so THEY cannot get infected, then there is “herd immiunity”. You are only protected because everyone around you got the vaccine. You are not immune, you can still get it, at any age.
    Are you young? Are you healthy? Your chances of getting sick is low, your chances of dying are low, but NOT zero. Do you have family and friends and coworkers who not young or not healthy? If the answer is yes, then YOU can infect them. If your answer is no then you may only be infecting strangers. Viral infections typically have an incubation period where you’ve been infected and have no symptoms, yet, BUT in this window you can infect others unintentionally, if you don’t wear a mask or wear it INCORRECTLY.
    Which is why it’s so easy to infect people around you. When you know you’re sick then you know to wear a mask. Asymptomatic carriers feel no symptoms of COVID and don’t get sick BUT they pass COVID to others and they are out there right now. This is the stuff of nightmares, blockbuster movies. People say as they are dying or miraculously survive, that it feels like they’re drowning with doctors and nurses doing all they can. Why gamble on your and other’s lives just because you’re too impatient to wait for the vaccine. But what makes me more angry is the government misleading their constituents in thinking we can safe go back to life as normal – it’s not normal, yet. The government needs to meet people’s needs, if they can’t work because there’s no childcare or school, then financially support them until we get through this. The debt goes up BUT we survive to pay our FAIR share if taxes.

    1. Bond

      You need bigger covers to hide under.

    2. If Disney increases capacity then they need to get fast pass back up and running. It’s chaos as it is with wait times on weekends exceeding 60 minutes. Universal will certainly increase and resume normal operations.

    3. Eric

      SG nobody is making you come out from under your bed. If you don’t think it’s safe to come out, then don’t. But you can’t expect the government or anybody else to continue taking care of you.

      1. Bond

        Eric gets it.

  21. Rebel orange bird

    new plan how about whenever normal comes back which btw doesnt matter what side you support is waiting on a vaccine!
    But whatever the rules are you follow and even if you do not feel safe then wear your mask still! But have kindness and stop yelling at each other same yelling all the time…. someone said it above i do not know whom but you think the theme parks never had rules before the way you just want to not go over rules and regulations! Everything in life has rules and regulations to follow so grow up!

    1. Bond

      Grownups don’t wear face diapers.

      1. jamie

        ARE YOU CALLING EVERY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IN THE WORLD A BABY THATS RICH!!! THATS SOOOOO GROWN UP!!!! ESP WITH EVERYTHING GOING ON WOW JUST WOW!!!!! You aparently do not know anyone who died or got sick and i pray to god you do not though if you got sick or knew someone you and your croonies on this sight wouldnt sound so stupid!!!

        1. Bond

          Masks prevent bacteria, not viruses. Size matters.

        2. Stentor

          Flat out wrong. Lots of doctors don’t wear masks in surgery. Royal College of Surgeons hasn’t worn them for over 20 years after a 6-month study confirmed they’re just superstition.


        Funny that you call them that. My husband calls them face panties…lol. He also doesn’t believe in them and hates wearing them but he does it out of courtesy for his fellow man.

        1. Bond

          As long as it’s his individual choice. Respect.

  22. Janet Floyd

    I just want to know when park hopping will come back.

  23. TheRealDeal

    Great call DeSantis! We need to get people back to work and not take handouts from our socialist government! You can keep your commie dollars for your friend Putin, Mr. President Trump. We EARN our living and don’t take bailouts from trust funds.

    1. Bond

      Russia, Russia, Russia!
      Get ‘em, Jan!

      1. TheRealDeal

        Bond – I just tell it like it is, if it works for Comrade Trump, why can’t I do it too? Face it, Trump tried to bring the kind of socialism that has kept Putin in power to the US by supplying never ending money to the entire country. Thankfully the real Republicans we have left in our government saw through this and have refused more spending. Americans do NOT take handouts. Trump is a disgrace to the GOP.

        1. Bond

          Trump is offloading debt and bankrupting the Fed. New sound money system incoming. Help the people while bringing down the current unlawful system. I like your principles, though I disagree on who the bad guy is.

  24. M

    It’s not just the survival rate it’s the long term effects of the virus that DeSantis refuses to acknowledge. When your State’s economy isn’t diversified and relies 95% on tourism these are the decisions you get….Florida needs leadership that will diversify the economy , bring in tech companies , anything, so that when tourism tanks you at least have something else to rely on.
    As far as long term covid effects ask a long term hauler what their life is like 6 months after testing positive. Still SOB, fatigue , fevers , cough, organ damage … and these are healthy younger patients….I hope Disney continues to do their own thing and not listen to DeSantis. If it’s so safe why did he make the announcement he is still not ready to open the government offices? You want Phase 3 Governor , then it’s all open , what are you hiding?

    1. Bond

      Prison is the ultimate security.

  25. Haatyshxnj

    O disney, you trash

  26. Sorrento

    Shout-out to Bond, disinformation master of this thread. Can’t wait until your ilk gets curbstomped out of power. Tick tock.

    1. Bond

      Disappointment incoming. Stay strong my friend.

  27. MrsWeasleysTwin

    Countries that didn’t shut down have similar numbers to the US. Herd immunity worked.


    Bond has a low IQ issue

    1. Bond

      Correct. I do have an issue with low IQ but I’ll still try to reason with you.


    Because those of us with compromised immune systems would actually like to enjoy life too as surprising as you greedy aholes may find that to be! We actually enjoy visiting theme parks too and would like to be able to do so and the face masks and social distancing, etc actually allowed for us to do so without being in fear for our lives but now thanks to our DHEAD of a governor we have to live like hermits so that you jerks can go out and party without the discomfort of a mask. I am so sorry that that piece of fabric on your face was making your life so miserable or that having to sit 6 feet away from someone was such an inconvenience to you that it is okay for you to force others into a life of solitude! Just another illustration of why the whole world hates America….because we as a whole we are self entitled greedy self centered jerks. Before COVID I was out every weekend at faires, theme parks, conventions, etc……so this is not the life I choose….thanks for playing Rob


      don’t know why this is posted twice???

      1. Bond

        It’s ok. It was just as enjoyable to read the second time.

        1. TIRED OF THIS BS

          I have to say Bond….we may not agree on this issue, but you are entertaining 🙂

          1. Bond

            I’m here for ya, my friend.

  30. cindy caine

    It’s the zombie apocalypse in fill swing. We always thought the bodies died and they ate brains. Turns out their heart dies and they eat souls. And thats what i think of all of you whom think folks dying is a joke that it could just turn around! Even disney wasnt that much of a dreamer bc he wasnt a fool either and if he was still alive he still keep things the way they are bc its safe!

    1. Bond

      Dying is not a joke. Living in fear is not living.


        On this we finally agree on something my friend! Unfortunately, my “fear” is not unfounded. I totally understand where a lot of people of your side of the argument are coming from. The numbers are skewed. The government officials (on both sides) have lied to the public about this pandemic so much that nobody knows the whole truth about anything anymore (about the numbers, the contagion, the death rate, the long term effects, the reinfection possibility, etc), but that is why I have to live in fear. And I agree that it is no way to live!!! I hate living this way! I used to be out enjoying social activities all the time. I am very big into cosplaying and am often seen in pictures at events all over the Southeast, but the camera ham in me has had to hide away for the last 6 months because I have some serious health issues that I just cannot risk a COVID infection to. It sucks! I want to be out with people again. I don’t want to live in fear, but I have to. And it is not because of any conspiracies, media lines, etc. It is just because I have to take care of my family and that is more important than my social life.

        1. Bond

          Stress destroys the immune system. Take whatever personal precautions you deem warranted. Don’t be afraid. This will end.

  31. Chase Davenport

    At this point it would be prudent for ITM to close the comment section on this article.

    This is turning into a huge flame war.

  32. jamie

    You know #s do not lie right 200k dead in the states! 1m+ around the world!!!!! If thats nothing you need to go back to school and do math!!!! Or just hope you get covid oh wait covid is too good for most of you whom do not care for anyone!!! This isnt politics this is kindness for your fellow man not you!!!

    1. Bond

      Well, Disney laid off another 28,000 people today. At least they’ll be super safe at home. Wonder how many of these you’ll be personally providing for out of your advanced kindness.

      1. Janie

        You have no kindness i am talking about and your right their safe and i am sure half of em didnt want to go back anyways! i am in dl waiting to go back but between the fires that medically drs say we shouldn’t be out in plus covid we shouldn’t open but we have to bc that big business for you not a care in the world!

        1. Bond

          Economics 101: big and small businesses need to be open and profitable to stay viable. People need income from those jobs to feed their family. Your “kindness” lockdowns will result in broken lives.

    2. Davis

      Hey bond itm has people whom watch their comments you might be careful just in this one space you spewed so many lies of hate its either you have no heart or your donald trump himself! Either way just wait you may be asked to leave or be blocked.

      1. Bond

        I’m sorry that you are triggered by somebody that challenges your beliefs. It’ll be ok my friend. Keep your world small and safe. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready to venture out.

  33. Disney Family

    Now that your biggest Proud Boy tRump has covid – do you think it is real yet – we would rather take precautions and be wrong than act foolish and get sick and perhaps die or spread it to others – Disney has most that support their safety rules – look at the first 2 comments in this thread – if you do not want to follow the guidelines, go somewhere else and be prepared for karma

    1. Bond

      ……aaaaaand he’s fine.

      Cower away.

  34. Gee

    Open up the capacity and let people decide if they want to come or not. It’s an individual’s choice.

  35. Kim

    Get ready for another big Covid wave but bigger! I sure would not come here unless you want to get sick! It all about money and not anyone’s health.

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