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little mermaid

Credit: Disney


  1. Anthony

    I’m sure we can all probably guess . . . . .

    1. stephen Gordon

      What exactly can we guess?

      1. Kathy

        I’ll give it a shot – maybe that this family is part of the crowd that wants to continue to act like this but demands to be treated similar to the people who don’t act like this? I don’t know, just a guess, I could be way off.

        1. Ahnsael

          So Kathy and Anthony…you’re saying it’s between people who refuse to wear masks vs people who actually care about other peoples’ health?

          Or are you both insinuating that you expect to be treated better than people who don’t look like you, which would make a racist piece of trash?

          Which is it?

          1. Darth Litigates

            This all started when one person dropped a churro on another person’s foot.

            The injured party then picked up the churro and proceeded to devour it, taking a “it’s on my foot, my churro” attitude.

            This did not sit will with the dropper who demanded another bite.

            When their lips met in the middle like Lady & The Tramp, each party’s respective spouses understandably started yelling at each other.

            Was NONE of this clear from the article?

  2. Corey

    Could it be the same family that got in a fight at Disneyland over one of those big turkey legs? Or maybe they are somehow “related” to them. Truth hurts.

  3. We were lined up to go in the mermaid show when the CM urged us to “move in” “fill the space” as really seating does NOT matter…but one family got really upset w us…ok the dad did…so we went in, napped during the show, then as we walked out of the show the husband sought out my husband and PUNCHED him in the face!!! So we spoke to the CM who said (I kid you not) “oh that happens all the time!!”

    1. SG

      So, Brian, are you saying you’re one of the two families in this altercation?
      Did CM escort the man and his family out of the park? Are you filing charges for assault because from what you wrote you definitely have a case, owch that must have hurt!

    2. Harry Callahan

      Shoot the punk in the face…..

      1. Ahnsael

        What is your primary malfunction, Harry? Your first response to disagreement is murder? What is wrong with you? Because something definitely IS very wrong with you. Please, seek help if turning to violence is your first response to any disagreement (especially when there are no details available). “Shoot them in the face?” REALLY? You’ve got some MAJOR problems.

        1. Darth Litigates

          Harry meant “Shoot them in the foot,” which would have been much less aggressive, while still making a moderate point.

          Optimately, the foot not hit by the churro.

  4. TacoCat

    Were these “peaceful” people?

    1. Ahnsael

      Is Harry, above you in this thread calling for shooting people in the face, more what you consider “peaceful?”

      1. Corey

        I’m pretty sure TacoCat is talking about the “peaceful” protesters, you know, the ones burning down buildings and looting from local businesses.

  5. Corey

    LOL Ahnsael not one comment in this thread said anything about race except yours!! Not everything is about race, but way to try and make it like that.

    1. Ahnsael

      Sorry, Corey, I couldn’t hear you over all of the dog whistles. People like you think “if we don’t spell it out, we have deniability.”

      Think again, bucko. We all see it (both those who agree with you and those who do not), and we all know it for what it is. Nice try, but you’re not fooling ANYBODY. Me calling it out is my civic duty when fools like you are running around pretending nobody knows what a piece of excrement you and those who think like you are. The Civil Rights movement was long ago. The fact that people like you still exist over 40 years later is a testament to your failure as a human being, and your parents’ FAILURE to raise you as a decent human being.

      Go expletive yourself. You will not see me on this site again, since a day later they are still promoting blatantly racist comments. If you reply, I will not see it. If you track me down, well, I’ll know you’re racist enough to stalk people who disagree with you. And if you show up on my doorstep looking for a fight, don’t expect to win. I will do nothing to find out who you are, or expose you to anyone who may do you personal or professional harm. You have to live with your own sorry self, and that’s probably punishment enough, and I am content with simply knowing that you will NEVER be happy because you know what an a**hole you are..

      1. Corey

        Sorry Ahnsael but LOL!!!! and that’s 3 days in a row that you said you were never coming back!

      2. Kathy

        Ahnsael, you’re so angry. You really should get help. I’m guessing you live alone, thankfully, because I would be worried for anybody who lives with you. Please get help and don’t be surprised when you find out you’re part of the problem and not the solution.

      3. concerned for anhsael

        anhsael you really should get off the internet and all of social media, first the meltdown on twitter and now this?

  6. Melanie Durham

    These comments are GREAT!

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