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Aventura Hotel

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  1. rosie

    Its the bar fault sure for not stopping bc they should call security and i am sure they did! But its not universal fault your son decided to jump most folks whom are suicidal will jump wo concern or wo a need the drinking just added to it! I doubt a single universal team member encouraged the jump or pushed this adult off the ledge …. by the way son is adult which eliminates parent concern out!

    1. Laloca

      Wow!! Rosie… you must not have any children, you sound bitter and have no heart for this family. They lost a child…no matter the age!! Doesn’t matter what made him decide to jump, now it’s time get these billionaires to pay up for there loss and pain. This is what happens when they do not train staff well!! BTW, if you do have any children you better hope.. better yet.. check to see if your kids don’t feel Suicidal with having a mom like you. Mind your own!!!!

      1. Mike

        Why are you suggesting billionaires should pay up? As a parent, is there a sum of money that would make you feel better about the fact that your child leapt off the roof of a hotel?

      2. Liz

        So if a drunk person decided to climb up a rollercoaster track and jump off of it is it the theme parks fault?

        1. Ducky

          That’s what some of these people think. Personally I don’t get that line of thinking in this case.

        2. Brian

          Why would they have to pay? They didn’t cause it to happen or did I miss something here? It did say suicide. Even the insurance company wont pay after that.

      3. Liz

        Hi not Rosie. However i am a mom and I agree with her. Its not Universal responsibility to check and watch grown people to monitor their intake. This isn’t a family in mourning this a family trying to get a quick buck. The company did nothing wrong. I can understand if they gave alcohol to a minor but come on lady he is an adult. I am sorry they lost a son, i cant imagine that pain. But this is just wrong.

      4. No más

        I’m a parent, and I wouldn’t expect billionaires to “pay up” after one of my children made a decision like this.
        It’s awful and I wish their son had gotten help from a professional, but Universal is not responsible.

      5. If you had minded your son as a child, he may not have jumped! I am a former employee of Universal, and I KNOW that they care about their guests! The guest misbehaved. Did you expect the employees to babysit your adult son?? C”mon, grow up, and stop blaming others for YOUR lack of direction!!

      6. MissyC

        These billionaires pay up?!! Wow. You are the one that sounds bitter. I’m sorry this man lost a child, but suicide isn’t a split second decision. It builds up over years, usually. Not the park or the bar’s fault. People are too Sue happy today. Just because someone has more money than you, doesn’t mean you get to sue them for things that are no fault of their own.

      7. matt

        Maybe the parents should have raised their son better. Payed more attention to him and known he was suicidal. Maybe Universal should sue the parents for not doing a better job. Therefore causing harm to their business and reputation.

        1. Stephen

          Maybe you assume too much.

        2. Debra Flowers

          I’m sorry I disagree. My heart goes out to the family but it is not the business/owners fault.

        3. Debra Flowers

          @matt don’t blame the parents. They are hurting. This is no one’s fault.

      8. Traci

        Why should someone else pay if your relative kills themselves? Shouldn’t the blame be on the family for never had getting him help? So Laloca, I lost my job. Since we are going to randomly blame people for things that go wrong in our lives. I think you should pay my bills.

    2. Htk

      Only in a lunatic society is a company responsible somehow for the death of a suicidal individual, this had got to stop.

  2. Well I guess we should just sue Las Vegas for everything bad that happens there due to alcohol and drugs. I am sorry for the loss of this man’s son, but society needs to stop blaming others for everything that happens to them.

    1. Christine Hoyt

      Who’s to say that he got the alcohol at that bar, he probably brought his own and just needed to get drunk enough to have the guts to do it. There are plenty of scenerios. STOP BLAMING those who you think are deep pockets!!

  3. Darth Litigates

    Actually, if Universal Studios should go ahead and pay the man $30,000, then put a clause in the settlement claiming no fault and saying he can’t sue more. Then make an announcement saying in an abundance of caution something like this will never again happen. Then put up a few of those “no-climb” roller bars (which is not a bad idea in general).

    The whole thing would be done for $50,000. Good publicity. The father would get what he wanted. No potentially drawn-out, costly case. Good faith shown that they are addressing the issue. Heaven forbid something DID happen somewhere on property again, they can say, look we did everything we could.


    1. Rosie

      $30,000 is just the jurisdictional limit of the Court. All lawsuits plead they are seeking in excess of XXXX amount of dollars (in this case $30,000) in order to be in the law division of the court (as opposed to small claims or any other lower court). I guarantee he is seeking well in excess of $30,000.

    2. Amen! Glad you spoke up! They shouldn’t be forced to do ANYTHING. He apparently had problems BEFORE he started drinking. There are always consequences to pay for choices. He made his choice, he paid the price.

    3. Can you come work with me?

    4. Niteowl

      $30,000 is just the base amount to get the lawsuit started, by the time they actually go to court he’ll be asking for millions!

  4. Thorn

    His son did what his son wanted to do. I have had many of great times at that bar and never EVER have I even thought about climbing a wall of any sorts much less a bar wall on a roof. It sound luke his son may have had some underlying issues and decided it was time for him to end his pain and suffering.

  5. ML

    So guy has 6 drinks in 90 mins, which I agree that the bartenders over served him, he then climbs onto a sink or furniture of some kind and scales a glass parameter wall. After 3 attempts he is able to pull himself over it and ultimately jumps off the building.
    So, the wall must be between 6 and 8 foot tall if he has to climb on top of something to reach the top. It is not “foreseeable” that someone would scale a 6 to 8 foot glass wall. That barrier would be more than sufficient to protect people from falling even if they were to stumble and fall into it.
    My condolences to the family, but do you really think that a multi-billion dollar corp, whose whole job is entertainment and safety would endanger people by using unsafe barriers?

    1. My only logical assertion would be that if a bar/bartender overserves someone and they have a vehicle accident upon leaving, the bar is typically legally responsible for it. It must stem from the same law that they are using for grounds for the lawsuit. 6 large drinks in 90 minutes is far too much for a 5’3″ fairly small person to consume. As to who owns the bar, if that’s Universal, or it’s on the same property, that’d be why the suit involves them. As for liability under the law, I guess that’s for a judge or jury to decide if the case is covered under the law. All people don’t react to large quantities of alcohol the same way. It’s a very sad situation.

  6. Shawntee brooks

    Why he gonna sue when his son jump it’s not they fault he jumped

  7. Hannah Bapties

    It literally no where said his son was suicidal, except the suicide hot line added by tge author. In addition. If he was drinking and was allowed to drive and got into a collision the bar and bartender could be sued. So yes, actually, it is the establishment’s responsibility when they over serve and something tragic results. I was a bartender, it was my job to know my responsibility and to not over pour for the hopes of a tip. No tip is worth all that could happen. Plus, IF he was acting suicidal WHY would they keep serving him AND leave him alone? Regardless, if he had driven home and killed someone, all of them would be sued. This is no different. They obviously need precautions to prevent this from ever happening again.

    1. Shaggy

      The bar isn’t liable unless they knew he was a habitual alcoholic under Florida’s Dram Shop law. So, they wouldn’t be liable if he drove home and killed someone unless you could prove he was a known drinker at that bar. Which isn’t claimed anywhere.
      Also “acting suicidal “? I hate to break it to you but, despite what most people think, suicides are usually a complete surprise to all around the person. Most suicide victims don’t have identifiable mental health issues and most decide to only minutes or hours before doing it. No one really knows what others are thinking. It’s unreasonable to expect strangers working a hotel bar to read someone’s mental state if his father and roommate missed it.

    2. Htk

      This is the type of demented response you would get only in the USA.

  8. Tacocat

    If the bar is so dangerous, how many other people have jumped?

  9. Ken

    Once again, bad parents blame someone else for their lack of parenting. Blame the jumper. Sue his family for bad publicity. No one can deal with their problems anymore it seems.

  10. Tad

    Alfred Bahna has started a foundation in memory of his son callled the Waffles Foundation. It’s website states “This foundation has been created in the memory of our son Matthew “Waffles” Bahna who left this world on 8/12/19 at the age of 27. The purpose of this organization is to prevent suicide through education, counseling, and the distribution of musical instruments to anyone who loves music and has a desire to play”. A noble endeavor to say the least. But it seems somewhat disingenuous that Mr. Bahna, a former Disney employee, will solict money from the public to support the foundation he’s created while at the same time suing Universal for only having an eight (8) foot glass wall to “protect” the public??

  11. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I agree with Shaggy. Sadly my son’s friend committed suicide at age 17. And all but two people were surprised. One can’t expect strangers working at the hotel and bar to know if he was thinking about committing suicide. For all we know the bartenders could have changed shifts within that 90 minutes and the second one didn’t know that he had already had multiple drinks. It’s a very tragic situation and I feel for his family because I’ve seen how devastating it is. However, the bar does have barriers up & I don’t think that it’s their responsibility. But if I was in their situation I would follow Darth’s advice.

  12. Dave

    I’d jump off a roof if I were 5′ 3″ …

    1. Wow

      Dave, really? With brain activity that low you should take a seat. Reading this article probably wore you out.

  13. Josef Stan

    Shame on all you people who think that the family is out to make a quick buck. How about they want to prevent further problems at this bar. Floriidas drinking law is a joke. I hope the father takes this to the Supreme Court as only two states allow no lawsuits to bars or bartenders. Also how come there was no sweep of this bar by security. Way too many lawsuits against Universal these days . How about some of you stay there with your family. Some kid could jump that glass. I’ve been there. I praise the father for standing up and trying to save the next family from grief.

  14. Michelle Cuervo Cuervo conde

    It’s the parents fault where was the parents and talking to their son before committing suicide. And his fault too and he should have been seeing Professional help

  15. Amen! Glad you spoke up! They shouldn’t be forced to do ANYTHING. He apparently had problems BEFORE he started drinking. There are always consequences to pay for choices. He made his choice, he paid the price.

  16. Elizabeth

    “ The lawsuit also claims that Matthew remained at the bar close to midnight and began acting suspiciously, scaling the perimeter walls and no bar employees were monitoring him.”

    No bar employees were monitoring him? The deceased was 27 years old. It’s a bar, not a daycare. I’m sure the family is suffering after the unexpected loss of a loved one, but this line of thinking is absurd.

  17. Jerry Towns

    Just an FYI to all of you judgements people and parental experts out there. I know the family and they are not planning to profit a dime from any of this. Matt’s dad now runs a non for profit suicide prevention foundation so there’s no angle here just safety concerns and prevention. The bar is only 1 year old. Without change someone else will get hurt. Should this place have not done a security sweep. Cmon that standard practice. Have some compassion people. By the way Matt was a good person and a fabulous musician who gave free guitar lessons to under privileged youth in Brookyn and Florida.

    1. Debra Flowers

      He did some good while he was here. My heart goes out to the family.

    2. Traci

      So not in it for the money? Then why sue? Why not petition for better safety measures? Why did they not know their son needed help? Its very sad, but to now cause further sadness by blaming the business and suing which means for $$$ is awful.

  18. Tonya Hall

    What am I missing? How is this anyone’s fault but the man ( grown adult that is in charge of his own life and responsible for his own choices) choose to climb a wall that it took him three tries to scale and jumped to his death? The wall was high enough that he had to willfully try to climb it! The hotel seemed to have protection him as best as it could by the high of said wall! If this man had went out and purchased a gun and shot himself in the head would the father be going after the gun maker? Or the bullet company? No because it is understood that if you shot yourself in the head you will most likely die! So, if you climb over a wall that is clearly there for your safety and hurl yourself off the side of a high-rise you should have a reasonable understanding that you will die! This was no accident, this man got the outcome he was after! As for his family, I can’t imagine the pain they have gone through and are still living in. But… Not this company or it’s employees fault! If you as his family had no clue of what he was thinking of doing how can you blame people who didn’t know him at all! This sounds like someone trying to make a fast buck…..may speak to how or why this came about in the first place!

  19. lydia

    grown adult drinking and jumps! No one fault but the grown adult… sorry dad! But thats psych 101 not a time for sue universal and poor me! Yes its sad but maybe you should have seen the signs and got your son help or cared not sue universal! People dont just boom go suicidal thats in them in a dark place and it just gets worse. The trigger was just made worse by drinking!

  20. Tyree

    I am sorry for the family lost but this man had problem before he decided to end his own life it’s not universal studios fault and how we know he didn’t drink before that and also we can’t serve A guest drinks if he looks or acts very intoxicated and also if he would had jumped off A bridge or walked in traffic would he be able to sue no he can’t that’s his son fault he choose to make that decision not universal all we can do is pray for the family

  21. Rob

    So drunk drivers shouldn’t be liable either when they kill someone? Just blame the bar or the grocery store they got the alcohol from.
    Father just trying to deflect his son’s actions somewhere else, it’s sad, but he needs to move on and heal.

  22. Lyniece

    So it’s the bar fault that the intoxicated MAN jumped. I’m sorry they didn’t babysit your grown son. Sheesh people do anything for money

  23. Gg Hollis

    You think I’m going to pay for someone ELSE’S decision. Your very mistaken! Suicide is a choice that he made and unfortunately his parents nor anyone near him Could stop sadly. Hate he made that choice such a sad thing for anyone ??? but…. suing is just wrong!

  24. Haley

    I’m sorry, this is horrible. But it’s not Universal’s nor the bar’s fault. He was a grown man. Calling security is about the only thing staffers could have done. Instead of taking out his anger on the hotel, he should be trying to investigate into why his son was so miserable he would take his own life.

  25. Papito

    Natural Selection. One less POS killing families in mini vans out on the highway.

  26. Stephen

    Such vile people commenting on this thread. It’s amazing what people say hiding behind a keyboard. The reality is, this kind of thing is should be expected, ESPECIALLY when alcohol is involved and you bar is on the roof of a 16 story building. No one should have been up there after the bar was closed. And serving that many drinks to a 5’3” individual in that amount of time is pushing to the point of alcohol poisoning. Whether the law says they can, common sense tells you that you probably shouldn’t. Yes, Universal definitely has a liability issue, and they know it. I guarantee they will settle

  27. Stephen

    No one disputed it was suicide. The point is, if you own a bar on the roof of a sixteen story building, you have to expect this sort of thing is going to happen. There is a reason Disney’s Top of the World bar is locked tight after close. Universal’s staff completely dropped the ball.

  28. Di

    My heart breaks for the parents, but no one takes responsibility for their own actions anymore. Remember the days of doing wrong as a kid and your parents punished you instead of defending your inappropriate behavior to a teacher, neighbor, etc.?

  29. Di And

    My heart breaks for the parents, but no one takes responsibility for their own actions anymore. Remember the days of doing wrong as a kid and your parents punished you instead of defending your inappropriate behavior to a teacher, neighbor, etc.?

  30. Stephen

    The father is projecting. Because he failed his son and is unable to accept it, he is blaming someone else like a coward and trying to get a payout to boot. At the end of the day, the only one responsible for a 27 year old man jumping off a roof is the 27 year old man. I hope the father doesn’t get a penny. What a parasite.

  31. Gypsy

    I am going to remain anon because I actually read this thread and some of y’all are just… idk. But I was working there the night this happened. This man was there DURING operational hours— NOT after we were closed. He was not staying at the resort, he came in from off-site (which, yes, that IS allowed). He was very friendly, he sat and had a few drinks and was making conversation— I remember him talking to my manager about his tattoos, there was no indication that he was not in his right mind. The glass barrier surrounding the rooftop is quite tall and you’d have to be very determined to make it over to do so, there’s no situation where anyone can accidentally fall over this ledge and that is by design BECAUSE it is a rooftop bar. After the incident took place when the security footage was reviewed, it was shown that it took multiple attempts for him to be able to get over the barrier. Believe me, if any one of us could have prevented him from jumping that night, we would have without question. It’s hard to recognize internal struggle on an unfamiliar face. I no longer work there, but I still think about that night often.

    I am a mother and I cannot imagine ever outliving one of my children. It hurts my heart to know that that man stood up on that rooftop and looked over the edge and decided that that looked better than any other option there was in that moment, and my heart also hurts for his family because I know that loss is indescribable.

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