Comments for Fans Petition for ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’ on Disney+


  1. Jackie Stoeger

    I would think this should be a staple. My granddaughter and I loved watching it and were sad the rest of the grands don’t get to

    1. Heaven Owen

      Please put bear on disney+ I loved this show so much as a kid and I would love it if everyone else can have the experience I had with this tv show! My daughter loves bear in the big blue house as well, she’s been watching it since she was a newborn! Such an educational show and so sweet

  2. Tiffany

    Me and my sister is in big bear and the big blue house it’s are favorite from when we was younger I think it should be on Disney +

  3. Michael I. Haber

    Yes!! I was both BEAR and then also another great show that inspired people in the world of literature…… I also want Disney+ to also add SING ME A STORY WITH BELLE.

  4. Matt

    I wish Disney+ would have the live action Alice Adventures in Wonderland show

  5. T

    We have been waiting for this since the first day of Disney+… they need to put Stanley on too… the Playhouse Disney days were the absolute BEST days of Disney channel!

    1. Lori Bennington

      I wish they would add to Disney plus Summer Magic with Haley Mills

  6. Melanie

    Definitely bring it back!!! I loved watching it with my godson- please

  7. Donna Henne

    Please bring Bear in the big blue house!!! Such a wonderful show that I know my grandchildren would love.

  8. MDH

    My oldest child was born the year Bear in the big blue house came out, I later went on to have 4 more and became a stay at home mom. I watched a lot of Disney kids shows, and other networks with my kids. My oldest became a mom herself 18 months ago and is cooking number 2 , last month I ordered Bear’s Dance party dvd for my granddaughter because she loves music and try’s singing in her toddler jabber with everything… there are no words to explain the place it took me when bear came on, smelled the screen , and I saw the look on my granddaughters face when she first saw him and how her eyes lite up when Luna appeared, and how confused but amazed she was that her mommy and Grammy knew the whole goodbye song the Bear sang. It may be just a show to some but to our family it’s years upon years of family memories that my children still tag each other in,and now we are carrying it on to a new generation one dvd at a time, so to have it on Disney + at the fingertips of an app and on the go for the littles would be amazing, they just don’t make quality like bear anymore

  9. AggieMom

    Bear needs to be on Disney+, just like the other classic Playhouse Disney shows, like Roly Poly Olly, Stanley, and PB&J Otter.
    Just the other day I was going through some photos of my daughter, and I came across some favorites with her holding her Bear and Tutter plusses. (Her older brother was in the picture, holding his Blue’s Clues Steve and Blue plushies).
    Shows like this are classics, were simple, and taught great lessons.

  10. Seth

    I want bear in the big blue house on Disney+

  11. Kaylynn Palmer

    Yes, being it back plz

  12. Jen

    Please bring it back

  13. Chris

    I’m still waiting on House of Mouse. No clue why that isn’t on there.

  14. misty

    all the playhouse disney shows that were canceled.

    out of the box.
    the 90’s and early 2000’s shows

  15. Pat

    Bring it back please!!

  16. Elisa

    Bring him back.

    1. Dale

      This was one of my favourite shows as a kid!! Bring it back!

  17. Steph newell

    I think it would be great to add this show kids would love it I know I did

  18. James

    I love this bear i grew up on this program when i was a child

  19. allie

    what about rolie polie ollie as well. I like to see both shows my son would adore them both.

  20. Janessa

    This was my favorite show of all time I even went to the show at Disneyland when I was little 💙🥺 my daughter is 6 months loves tv and would love this showwwwwwwww

  21. Jennifer

    My son and daughter and I loved that show and would love to see it come back on.

  22. Alyssa

    Yes they need to add bear to Disney+ it’s a good show with lots of great meaning and it teaches you a lot. We watched it as kids and I even found dvds for my daughter when she little.

  23. Brandy

    Yessss definitely add it to Disney+ we don’t have many good cartoons and shows these days for our kids.

  24. Lorena Munoz

    I was a child watching bear in the big blue house . And now that ima have my own child I would to have my child watch this amazing show . So that we can watch together.

  25. Griffin Haley

    Why won’t Disney add this on Disney Plus? It’s like they don’t care about it. That’s not very nice.. 😥

  26. Cindy Johnson

    Please bring it back. My son loves this show

  27. Owen Buddery

    I would hope that Disney can get Bear in the big blue house
    On to Disney plus globally to have another show by Mitchell Kreigman

  28. Payton budds

    I want bear in the big blue house on disney plus this summer

  29. Megan

    I’m an aunt to 7 kids and hopefully one day have my own and I would love to be able to get them started on yet another favorite childhood show of mine. Still to this day I have the goodbye song memorized.

  30. Bryan

    Please add this as well. Disney you ow older fans to see this show again.

  31. Bear in the Big Blue House, is one of the best shows that ran on the Disney Channel. Disney + please put bear on Disney +. This would be a good time to bring back this show that had a big impact on many children and their families. It’s time for another generation to discover Bear.

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