Comments for Removal of EPCOT Festival Center Poster Puts Future Plans in Doubt


  1. Lydia

    Its still up at fest center and there was construction workers around… lots is happening esp in the center area! They said everything is back on target for 50th that were 50th everything else is still on docket like it should be as it was before 22/23! Epcot never was going to be done 100% by 50th bc Epcot is always meant to change.

  2. Tacocat

    The festival pavilion will be just another place to charge to watch fireworks. They will configure some “party” and charge a premium price to attend. Another money grab.

    1. EricJ

      True: I was hoping for something that would at least restore a little of the old 80’s Epcot Center World’s-Fair feel to the architecture, but when this didn’t appear to have any actual function, I smelled a big red flag.

  3. Carmine Crincoli

    I don’t want the Festival Center to be cancelled!

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