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  1. Mark

    This is not close to a full list. There’s multiple Streetmo shows such as Citizens of Hollywood and Mainstreet, hoop de doo, jedi, up bird show etc….

  2. Cameron

    Rivers of Light is not returning.

  3. Athene

    So Disney is getting rid of some of their major attractions. Rides are fun. But the live entertainment was a Magic touch! Soon we won’t have reasons to go to WDW. And meanwhile Disney executives still get there $$$$$ millions in bonuses.

    1. Mary Chapman

      I certainly agree with you, prices outrages for less magic

      1. Rebecca

        Please fix all the misspelled its. No apostrophe when using the word to show possession. It’s is short for it is. And Rivers of Light is gone for good.

  4. Disney Fan

    Save the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue

  5. JR

    The Disney “leadership” needs to get the message loud and clear, your actions are Not acceptable, a lot of people spend a lot of money to come to your parks and hotels and what do they get in return from you, less and less value in return.

  6. Billie

    I purchased my annual pass again this year I am so disappointed I do not think my pass was worth it this year I can not believe all the stuff they have cancelled What is the value? I loved Disney World what is there to see now? I have a health condition that I may not be able to come on a day I make a reservation so that is why I always kept my annual mass now that is not available

  7. This is no longer a value for annual pass members

  8. mark

    hoop dee doo and luau are closed due to covid not officially and many ent things cant happen due to safety bc of covid …. while as an ent manager i appeciate the love but you do not understand really how much we try and we cannot do things for saftey ours and yours but we are trying!

    1. Lydia

      i work at hoop i havent been fired! We are closed temp but by the we come back we probably are up for reaudition. I know friends whom got told they are being let go tech but can reaudition for shows later and will probably be let back in but disney isnt in charge.

  9. Zach


    I think you are a bit out of scope with your comments. Regardless of the commenter’s grammatical skills, they are just trying to add value to the original post. Which they did IMO. I am sure you still you still got the jist.

  10. Jackie


  11. Paul

    I appreciate the comment by Mark (entertainment manager) above, and I truly get why Disney has had to cut back so much of the entertainment in all of their parks. There’s just no way to do it for so much of the entertainment and keep both guests and cast members safe. But it’s such a big part of the WDW experience.

    For me, particularly the World Showcase at EPCOT and in Animal Kingdom, walking around and watching the performers and talking with international cast members while noshing on a snack or sipping a beverage…pretty much all of this is gone or reduced to such a level that it’s really disheartening.

    As much as I’d love to visit the parks again, since I’m in Colorado and making a trip is a huge investment, I’m afraid I’ll just have to wait. When I go I like to take a couple of weeks so I can have enough time to totally binge on the attractions, but still have “down days” where I can just visit the resorts on the monorail line, or “bar-country-hop” around the World Showcase, slowly explore the parks for shopping and eating seasonal specials and perennial favorites, looking at the details and hidden Mickey’s, just spend an afternoon catching the live performances around the parks, hanging out at the resort pools, and people watching. Oh the people watching. Just not the same when everyone has their face covered with a mask.

  12. Eric

    I think Disney is on a path to self destruction. Unfortunately. They better get rid of top management, change how they are doing things and get back to the Magic of Disney if they want people to come back.

  13. Nancy

    I just say open park up completely shows and all. ‘‘Tis disappointing though that you pay so much to go and they keep taking things away.”

  14. Carmine Crincoli

    This is an outrage!

    I don’t want any cool stuff to be taken away!

    I just wanted the old normal back from earlier this year with everything all opened up!

  15. prince charming

    I say open WDW completely and the people who are scared can come back when they have their vaccine .

  16. Lianne

    Citizens at Studios not on your list. They are amazing. A loss for all guests. Many have grown up with these amazing performers

  17. Jason

    The writer of this article needs to learn the difference between “it’s” and “its”……….

  18. Jason


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