Comments for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Hitting Lightspeed as It Returns to Theaters

The Empire Strikes Back

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. EricJ

    I’m from the original first-run 1980 audiences: Vader was lying his pants off.
    (“Don’t be an idiot, Luke, what did you THINK he’d tell you?”)

    And yes, Disney don’t play the Fathom classics-screening game, but now that that’s all theaters are showing now that audiences are coming back, they know they can’t show the live-action Aladdin forever.

  2. Ken G

    I first have to wonder who’s going back to theaters right now? I’m all for going back to Disneyland once it reopens (on a mid-week less crowded day), but sitting in a theater to watch a 40 year old movie – despite being SW, no.
    Even going to Cinepolis like we do and where the seats have always been spread out I just don’t want to be in a theater for 2 hours breathing recirculating air.
    And it’s strange Disney is releasing this yet put Mulan on Disney+, which to me should have been held back until next summer when it would get it’s full theatrical release.

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