Comments for Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Ride – Forgotten History & Fun Facts


  1. Ahnsael

    I remember this effect well, as a cast member who was there when the attraction opened (I was also one of the “guinea pigs” who rode it before the attraction opened to the public). This was a FANTASTIC effect. Rust is the reason I heard as a cast member, but…one cannot always trust backstage conversations so I won’t swear to it.

    I miss it. It was one small thing that added SO MUCH to the attraction. Because in the moment, you just reacted “holy smokes, part of the ceiling just collapsed” (at least on your first ride).

    I’d rather have the Expideition Everest Yeti fixed than to have the ice machine fixed, but it would be nice to have both back.

  2. Yes all for them need to be restorations, for now!

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