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  1. Lisa yetman

    I am happy to hear that Dwayne and his family are on the downside of the virus and grateful that he has joined his voice to other notables in asking us to all be aware of each other and show respect for the health of our fellow world citizens. Thank you!

  2. emcg

    He doesn’t say how they got it.

    1. Tara

      Right?! So did you not wear your mask? Did you go to a party or family gathering? Can you trace it back to the point of contact?

    2. Paul

      I’m a contact tracer in our state. While many times we can trace back where an infection occurred, it’s surprising and frustrating the number of cases where we can never figure out when or how it happened. Maybe the Johnson’s know and just aren’t talking, maybe because the messed up or maybe because they want to protect the privacy of others, or maybe they – like so many others – never could really nail it down.

      There’s a growing body of research showing that COVID-19 might not only spread via droplets, but a main method may be aerosols. The difference? Think cigarette smoke – that’s an aerosol. How long does that stay in the air, and how much can it spread? The reason they started looking at this was some outbreaks simply couldn’t be explained with the “6 feet for 10 or 15 minutes” exposure rule.

      If this turns out to be the case, it’s a real game changer for how the disease spreads and how to protect ourselves.

    3. MO

      On TV today he said he had family friends over to his house. He figured since they were staying home and doing what seemed to be safe, they would be fine. But seems they exposed the Johnsons to Covid. This is why he says if you want to have friends over, they should be tested first.

  3. prince charming

    Everyone in the Biochemistry field know that these tests are very inaccurate. You can test negative one minute and a couple hours later test positive. Even people who test negative are required to quarantine because no one trust the test results. The test is only used to provide a legal justification for taking away your constitutional rights.

  4. SG

    Thank you guys for explaining the REAL science. It’s amazing how misinformed people are. I know it hits the weak and elderly the worst. As a senior citizen, I am thankful babies are mostly spared. When you think how hard it is to keep a little one from touching everything in sight and right to the mouth after, and keeping a mask on? Terrible disease could be worse.

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