Comments for Though Theme Parks Are Closed, Downtown Disney Hits Capacity

Downtown disney reopening

Credit: ITM


  1. Ken G

    At 12:30 at our house (south Orange County, about 20 miles south) we hit 110 degrees.
    As much as I want to be back at Disney (we have yet to go up to DTD) I cannot see walking around in this heat with a mask on and/or standing in lines just to get into there or into a shop.

  2. binki

    Not news here, they have hit capacity every weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for a month now.

  3. Miranda

    Even if I still was living in California with a pass to Disneyland, I would not go. Too hot and too many people with a pandemic still going. And this is coming from somebody who would drive after school sometimes to go to Disneyland to get away from life. I hope these people stay safe and have a good time nonetheless.

  4. Hector

    2.5 hr wait to get into the world of disney !

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