Comments for Should Disneyland Offer Big AP Discounts When the Parks Reopen?

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  1. Stephanus P Surjaputra

    I would be happy just to be able to get a spot to ride Rise of the Resistance since I don’t buy that many Disney merchandise anyway. The hotel discounts would be nice too so we can get away for the weekend even though I only live an hour away from Disneyland.

  2. Corina Bonnardel

    Yes of course they should and bigger military discounts!
    I just can’t wait for Disneyland and California Adventure to open already.

    1. Tracy McBride

      And give military discount on ap all the other parks offer a military discount for ANUALPASS but Disneyland doesn’t.

  3. Marian Zaversnik

    I realize there is the issue of guests/AP’s/cast members buying “in bulk”. Why would this be allowed? Can’t there be a policy in place that prohibits the purchasing of more than one of the same item? I saw a post about a guess, either AP or Cast Member that purchase 39 “exactly the same”, Loungefly backpacks at the time of the recent cast members discount. Ridiculous? YES! The video was of a man in the Star Wars area of Hollywood Studios. He had numerous very large Disney bags filled with these backpacks. They are now being sold on-line at huge prices. This needs to be stopped.

    1. TacoCat

      Absolutely agree with a limit. No one needs 39 backpacks for personal use. I thought resale is against Disney policy.

  4. Paul

    I’m not an AP holder, but it sure seems like the AP folks have been getting the short end of the stick since the parks started reopening. Time to give them a big, “Thank you!” for sticking with their passes through all of this.

  5. Mrsmouse61

    AP’s should absolutely be rewarded for their loyalty with discounts however there must be limits on merch sales per transaction. And I’m constantly amazed Disney has not implemented this very simple solution as they are the one of the leaders in merch marketing . These vultures who buy out merch and resell at huge markups must be stopped. We must stop rewarding greed.

  6. Aaron Bregel

    Many days Downtown Disney reaches capacity currently. As a shareholder I do not see how this makes sense to do. Some discount just to see if people would buy something because with most AP local for Disneyland they should hit capacity daily with no discount at all unless the block them. As an AP that lives 1100 miles away I would much preferred a delayed restart that starts the calendar again on of the end date of my AP. I had two months left when things shut down and it is not as easy to travel there. I did have two trips schedule for the last two months of my pass.

  7. Tracy McBride

    I feel as one of the higher tier pass holders if I need to make reservations change me to a flex pass and the extra money difference between the two passes I have paid extend my pass also let me keep the benefits of my pass. I live close to the park so I don’t want discounts on hotels and my house has no more room for any more Disney I am a Disney addict.

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