Comments for Disneyland ‘Down Under’? Australians Petition for Disney Resort

Disneyland Australia Petition

Credit: Disney (left); theceomagazine.com (right)


  1. Leah

    Please, please bring Disney to Australia,we need it, it will work.

  2. Matthew Brewster

    I’ve been saying for at least two decades that Australia is a perfect location for a Disney park/resort, for it is both a country and CONTINENT in a remote corner of the world, where TWENTY-FIVE MILLION English-speaking people live, where culture differences won’t be an issue. I think this project is inevitable.

  3. Melanie Durham

    I would love to to there! I would sign a petition for this!

  4. Richard 6

    When I was young and dreaming of becoming an Imagineer I designed a theme park to be put in Australia called, Disney Down Under. But that was back in the early 90s. Still have some of my ideas somewhere

  5. Kevin

    This will be prefect for Australia to have it! And then after that, I think the fans wants to have a Disneyland in Rio, brazil one day.

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