Comments for Annual Passholders: How to Get Help with Disney Park Pass

Annual Passholder Park Pass Availability

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  1. Ken G

    So, I am assuming this is the system ONLY for passholders or anyone who months ago bought a multi-day ticket?

    If that is the case, then I would think as a passholder you would have to use the app to reserve a date anyway. You login, you know your pass is up to date, you search for an open date and reserve it.
    Again -Yes? (Much like the FlexPass used at Disneyland.)

    I’m also assuming that a when buying a single day ticket for a specific date then a “reservation” comes with it – Yes? (Like buying a ticket to see a Broadway play, I’m getting a ticket for a reserved seat).
    Do I have that right or am I getting this all wrong? (I’ll have to deal with it eventually when Disneyland reopens!)

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