Comments for This ‘Loophole’ Still Lets You Park Hop at Disney World

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  1. lydia

    you want to know the loophole when park passes are dropped or capacity is raised beyond that some of us could barely stay aps let alone pay more money for assistance or to hop! Better yet get real IT people to wrk for you wdw that can not only keep your websites/app afloat but find a way to setup park hop as if it was fp… track capacity at the parks and add it a certain amount back as people leave to park pass so i can go later…. what if i want to go to mk but eat at epcot??? And that folks is clearly where its all hurting restaurants bc thats why most folks hop unless you can assure me the entrance to the restaurant promise i will leave after bc i can get reservation but not a park is serious ridiculous too!!! Or the other ap marvel which is i got bored at mk or dhs is still only a half a day park whats next oh nothing then why am i paying all this money??? And dont @ me and say universal is better bc they are screwed over more by letting everyone and their uncle in or having you wait in parking lots!!

  2. Stop Censoring Comments

    “For VIP tours, Disney charges $425 per hour, for a minimum of seven continuous hours, with a maximum of 10 guests.”

    That’s NOT a loophole. It is for the very very rich. Period. A loophole is an ambiguity or inadequacy in a system. This is NOT. Stop with the fake headlines.

    1. AJ

      EXACTLY!!!…Im about to unsubscribe from this very reason!

  3. Victor

    Couldn’t you just purchase admission under a different wdw/ mde account ? It’s a lot cheaper than a vip tour

  4. TacoCat

    You’ve got to really want to park hop to pay this. How ridiculous! Get a life.

  5. Tad

    Y’all realize much of what you read in ITM is regurgitated from other Disney related websites, blogs and Twitter feeds, they are not original pieces written for this site. And ITM always credits the original author, in this case Kristi at the Kingdom Insider, as part of the article.

  6. mark nowak

    not worth the money grab. and your headlines are misleading. this is not a loop hole

  7. Lynn

    VIP tours ARE NOT available right now……so how can you park hop with something you can’t book?

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