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  1. Tim McCully

    Been with the company for over a year ten years.. I deferrrd on the frist call back, because my wife was dionosed with lung cancer and started Kemo treatments. I have been waiting to be called back now for the past three months

  2. its too bad this has to happen to so many people at Disney,me being one of those people.hope unions,6 can help us out for a better outcome,we pay union wage to deal with issues like the one we just got,layoff 28000 more people,totally insane,unwelcome by many,me being one.more people have to express their opinion to get better results.

  3. Chris

    Honestly, blame Newsom out here in California for how massive the number of layoffs have to be.

    Realistically, Disney was always going to have to layoff some people, but because the Disneyland resort hasn’t been able to reopen and we have no clue when Newsom will allow theme parks to reopen, Disney was left with little choice here.

  4. Jennifer

    It’s so sad, but Covid has put the parks-and hundreds if not thousands of organizations-in this position. They cannot offer jobs when revenue is so low, it’s a ripple effect. I do think the union dues they’ve been paying should now cover their health insurance where Disney cannot anymore. If park attendance can increase, we hope to see all the performers/members back. Keep in mind, the minute someone gets Covid and wants to say they got it at Disney on social media, it could all get razed to ground level again. All eyes are on the theme parks. And by the blog comments I read, many seem to be hoping they’ll fail in their re-openings. Sad.

  5. Jennifer

    I don’t work for Disney but visit the park often. To help workers the union should wave the dues during covid. Disney has no control over Gov. Newsome allowing them to open. People like me are waiting and ready to go to Disneyland. I live closer to California than I do Florida. We want to go, We want to spend our money in the park. Just waiting for the opportunity. Maybe the union should start talking with the government. No business can continue to pay employee and their benefits without revenue. I applaud Disney for doing it this long.

  6. Pamela

    With the parks still closed in California and the parks in Florida operating at reduced capacity Disney has no choice but to layoff employees. It’s sad that this had to happen ? I hope that the cast members can return.

  7. Kevin M.

    This is a perfect example of California Governor politicising this pandemic this is evident in his naming of first week in November after the election to consider reopening this is hurt thousands and thousands of hard-working individuals Disney has done her best to support there there cast members.
    Disney has been forced by the Democratic governor Newsom of California to let go kids with dreams ,
    Aspiring college students and older folks that have families. That’s
    28 THOUSAND JOBS LOST Due to his
    Incompetents And ability to handle the situation .

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